Oct 20, 2010

Designer Sunglasses

Everywhere I go, I always bring with me my sunglasses. I find it hard to go out or drive when the sun is glaring. I want my eyes to be protected whenever I walk under the heat of the sun because it truly hurts my eyes. My sunglasses right now has a big frame and I like it this way since it also covers my brows and the lower part of the eye area. However, it's quite old already and even the scratches are very visible. I thought of buying a new one and perhaps I will go for a Designer Sunglasses. I found one design that would compliment the angle of my face, which is oval. I've seen it online and it's cute and classy. I might splurge on this one since I know I'll definitely use it apart from the protection it gives me. I haven't even bought a gift for myself so, perhaps this will be a Christmas gift for myself. Since I've tried Ray Ban sunglasses before but I might try Dolce and Gabbana this time. I think their design is chic and I wear use it anywhere I go.