Oct 6, 2010

Income Tax Form

I used to work in an office before and I was under General Administrative Office working as a Personnel Assistant. I've to check our personnel's status, absences, tardiness, etc. and after everything is cleared, we forward our report to the Finance office because they need it especially during paying period. My officemate who was an account officer would sometimes tell me how tiresome her work was. She wished there was a program that would help her sort everything especially when she's preparing the payroll and the income tax form that need to be submitted immediately. As I was browsing at the net, I found one site that might be of help to my former co-worker. California Income Tax Form will surely help her in sorting out everything she needs. For the standard forms, everything's provided from employee's withholding allowance, employment eligibility verification, application for employer, direct deposit agreement, employee affidavit for the HIRE Act. And there was also Forms for the Client such as Bank Authorization Form, Check Signing Authorization Form, Direct Deposit General Terms and Conditions, Tax Deposit Frequency Authorization and Tax Information Authorization. I might tell her about it and she can present it to her department because I believe this would hasten their work and they will all benefit from it.