Oct 22, 2010

Controversial Glee GQ Photos

I used to hear people giving positive feedback on Glee Show until I finally gave in and watch the show. I came to love it and I guess I became one of the Gleeks. My 7 year old daughter also watched with me and my husband because she liked music very much. However, as the story progressed, the episode requires adult supervision. Sometimes, I watched ahead to see if it's suitable for kids. Season 2 came and one of the episodes tackles about homosexuality. I've nothing against homos but when they showed 2 female characters making out made me decide not to let my daughter watch the show. I know it's in my power to discuss to my child about sexuality but she's only 7 and it's hard for her to comprehend such thing. So, I guess it's better if I let her watch Dora the Explorer, Animal Planet or any Educational show on TV. Recently, I've just browsed on the internet wherein some Glee members posed a steamy shot for GQ magazine. Now, what's on their mind?! Rachel Berry wearing skimpy panty licking a lollipop? What was she trying to prove? Isn't her popularity not enough for her? I've not seen the rest of the pictures but Quinn and Finn are also on the cover of GQ. Others may have defended that Glee is indeed an adult show and not like high school musical, but the characters they were portraying were high school students! And whether we like it or not, some kids really do watch this show especially those who are musically inclined. So, I can't blame some parents to react because the show aims to reach out to viewers, even giving each show some moral values to the audience and now what have the stars did to their own show?

I might still watch Glee but I will never let my child see this show again. And that's what I call - Parental Guidance! (image source: click the pics)