Dec 6, 2009

Platform Beds

We are about to move out and we are quite busy packing our things. But since our place is currently bare right now, my family and I are temporarily staying at my mom's place. My mom is generous enough to accommodate us in her room however, we could hardly to fit in her bed. It's a nice bed actually but since there are three of us sleeping in her double size bed, it was a bit crowded. Back in our place, we have two beds because the other one is not so sturdy. We were thinking of acquiring platform beds that we found while searching the net.

This bed features cutting-edge contemporary European designs, elegant modern bed frames, upholstered headboards, clean lines and simple construction. They also have exclusive collection of Italian and European designer. It's also guaranteed that their authentic platform bed collection is manufactured in Europe by original designers.

However, at present, this is just our one of our plans. We still have to prioritize things and when everything's settled, then we will think about that again.

But in case you are interested to know more about platform beds, feel free to visit their site, too, and I assure you that you can chose a lot of great beds just right for your bedroom!