Dec 10, 2009

We Have A Visitor

We will be having a visitor this afternoon, my brother just informed me. Our visitor is actually my brother's ex-girlfriend and she happened to be very close to our family. His ex-gf is now based in Illinois and she worked as a nurse. She's a doctor in her homeland, too. We thought they would end up together, despite witnessing their petty quarrels and bickerings but they finally parted ways after 4-5years of being together. However, her friendship to our family remains and I even got her as a godmother for my daughter. She married later but she and my brother remained friends.

My brother also married few years later. In all fairness, his wife is nice and very down to earth. My family is actually blessed to have in-laws who are supportive and caring especially to our mom.

Things may turned out differently for my brother and his ex-flame but it's great to know that the friendship remains. My brother is happily married (& with kid) and his ex is successful in her field of endeavor.

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails"