Dec 4, 2009

Torrents Search Engine

Watching TV for me these days is a luxury. I hardly had time to watch television because I need to attend to my household chores first before anything else. I would love to watch some shows but I just can't keep up. In the morning, I need to prepare breakfast for my family, drive my kid to school, clean the house, wash or iron clothes then prepare lunch and in the evening, prepare dinner, take care of the things needed for my family and review my child's lessons. At some other time, I need to go to bank then pay our water, telephone and electric bills. I think I barely had time for myself.

Going back to my favorite shows, I guess I've missed a lot of episodes like Smallville and Grey's Anatomy. There were some great movies that I was not able to watch, too, but I'm glad my husband found one site that is very helpful. At torrents download, he was able to get from them some shows or movies that I missed. And I am so thankful because I was able to watch it at my own convenience.

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