Dec 12, 2010

Computer Break ;-)

I've been blogging for several days and did a lot of photo editing at the computer that I decided to give myself a break yesterday. I got exhausted and I hope I won't be having much radiation in my body ;-) My lappy is my bestfriend at home. I'm so thankful for having this or else I would be sulking a lot if I have no diversion here at home. My kids are great, but the eldest is going to school during daytime and the youngest is still on her crib, still learning how to crawl, hehe. So during my spare time, I do things a lot in my computer, even read news locally or internationally because I've no time watching television at night, too. Anyways, I'm back blogging but I guess I will not spending much time on the computer today. We're going out and I'd better enjoy it for tomorrow, it's me, the baby and the lappy at home again ;-)