Dec 23, 2010

Hello, Skype?

Just as I was about to sign up for Skype, I can't get thru, only to find out that the site was down. The users were quite mad as they can't log in to their accounts, hoping to chat or talk to somebody important in their lives. I've been using yahoo messenger for a long time and I was contented with it. However, friends and relatives also told me to sign up for Skype as it's very accessible and easy to call and chat online. I wasn't in a hurry for all my friends knew I have a YM account so why should I try a new one? And when I finally decided to register, since I'm already curious and I guess it won't hurt to go with the trend, Skype won't respond. I thought something's wrong with my registration but only to know from the others the problem they encounter. Well, I hope this site will fix it fast to calm other people who are an avid user of Skype. It's almost Christmas and I guess some people will greet each other via video call so they have to understand the outrage of these users. As for me, I can wait. My love ones are here with me and I guess a text message is quite enough. I still plan to sign up with this site, after everything is fixed...