Oct 26, 2009

Almost Mine

Last week, somebody sold to me a two-tone bracelet. It was cute and it really looked good on my wrist. So, I was tempted to buy. She left it to me and told me that she will text me the exact amount later. Well, I found out it wasn't cheap (around $447!). I yearn for it, love it and thought of passing it over to my daughter when she grows up. It's a good investment. But a part of me told me to return it since I don't need it this time. We are planning on a family trip some time next year. Plus, we're on house hunting, too (remember pepper?). If I'm going to buy the bracelet, I'm the only who's going to enjoy it. If I chose family trip, at least all of us will enjoy...

No choice, I returned it...sigh.. If it's for me, it's for me. If it's not, then it's not meant to be. Or maybe, it was at the right hand at a wrong price...



i so know the feeling! if it's meant to be yours it will be yours, and you'll still get that family vacation. :D :D and the house of course! wishing you abundance pepperoo! mwah!