Oct 28, 2009

The Rescue

My daughter and I went to the mall this noon and ate our lunch there. And before we went home, we dropped by at my favorite bookstore and checked for something worthy to buy. While my daughter already chose what she'd like to buy (Dinosaur Opposites :D), I was debating which book to get since I only intend to buy 1 book. The Deception by Dan Brown or The Rescue by Nicolas Sparks? It took me several minutes to decide until I finally settled for the latter. Is this a good book to read? Did I make the right decision? Because I've got a feeling that one of his characters will die in the end --- very Nic Sparks' ways (remember Message in a Bottle? A walk to remember? etal). Whatever is the outcome of the story, still, I guess I won't regret buying this book for I bought it for a very cheap price ;-)