Oct 26, 2009

Edward Scissorhands, etal

Some people love to watch scary movies... well, I don't! I'm not a big fan of horror movies unlike my husband who is very much updated with those kind of movies. I want to watch and enjoy a movie show, and if possible, laugh!

Anyway, I know people has different taste so might as well leave them and mind my own. One time, my friends invited me to watch Nightmare on Elm's Street (Freddie's Back or Dead?--whateveh!) and I swore never to watch any Freddie installment anymore. I am more into suspense or thriller and action films but not so much with horror movies. But I admit I've watched a few horror movies and enjoyed some but it was still my least favorite.

Well, if there's a movie that I would like to watch again especially on a Halloween night, perhaps it would be Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhand. This movie was shown years ago and I remember to have enjoyed it. Another would be fantasy films like Legends or Return to the Oz (Wizard of Oz) coz I totally forgot the story, hehehe :D