Oct 30, 2009


I'm quite frustrated these days. I've mentioned before that we were looking for a new place to stay. But my husband's family owned another house and they wanted us to stay there. However, somebody's still occupying the place so we were told to wait until they can transfer in a month or two. Soon, we found out that they asked to extend their stay, probably until January, February if possible, next year. Now, we are the ones who are in trouble as the house we are currently living in is already fully paid by the new owner and they are even planning to have it renovated. My in laws told us not to worry because they also asked the new owner to allow us to stay until January 31st!!!

Honestly speaking, I'm not happy with the development. I kept telling (almost nagging actually) my husband that we'd better find another place to stay. You see, twice, the new owner checked our place from living room down to our bedrooms... I dunno how to say this but i somehow had had an odd feeling because we belong to a different denomination. I'm not criticizing them but I just felt that their ways might be different from ours. They might think we begged too much to stay here to think they have big plans for their new house, too...sigh...

What's frustrating, too, is that I also have plans in my life, plans that will benefit my family. But I can't do it right away because I need to pack all our things (which is plenty, by the way) and keep them in place before I do anything else! I just can't walk away with it! I'm so disappointed! And I just can't help murmuring over my frustrations these days! If only I have enough money to build a house right away but I don't! Damn this life!