Nov 4, 2009


I'm very tired today. I did a lot of household chores and attended my daughter's needs, too. We actually had a house help last month and I thought she was heaven-sent. At first, I was a bit apprehensive to hire her when I learned that she was already 56 years old. She said she wanted to work so she was hired. In all fairness, she was quick to learn that I don't even have to repeat things over. She had her own initiative and she was polite, too. Her only condition was to allow her to return home every end of the month and promised to be back the following day - so off she went last week... She did return to us 3 days after but not to resume with her work but to formally inform she was quitting. One of her kids don't want her to work anymore and of course I can't blame her. Some good things never last..., in other words, I was only able to rest with my household chores for only 1 month. Today, I was so busy cleaning the house, washing clothes, taking care of my kid (which is my priority!), cooked food, clean the bathroom, iron clothes - whew! Plus I'm the driver, too! Don't you think this was too much?! I drove my kid to school, I drove my husband to his office and I drove my mom to the banks! I tried to refuse but then my conscience was killing me, so I ended up doing them favors. Another relatives came late afternoon and asked me so many questions which I was tired of answering. Of course they can't blame me if I was already ranting. I was exhausted and very much drained and I hope they realize that not because I stayed home, I have less to do. My health was even up to no good a couple of months ago. Gosh, I am so tired right now that I wish to be in a place where no one can reach and see me just for one day... Just one day to give me a break!!!