Nov 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Every fourth Thursday in November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving day while in Canada, they celebrate it every second Monday of October. Thanksgiving is their way of Thanking God for all the abundance and blessings their country has received. But history said that the First Thanksgiving in USA was celebrated to give thanks to God for helping the pilgrims survive the brutal winter. (image source: click pic)

Anyway, I was just thinking that what if all countries will have Thanksgiving, too? They can celebrate it in any other day or month. Despite the calamaties, poverty or even the cruelty that had happened in some countries, I believe there are also good things to celebrate. We should give thanks to God for the protection, the graces and the blessings we received each day. It would be a great way to give back all the glory He has bestowed upon us... This is just my opinion ;-)



Thanksgiving is the holiday of peace, the celebration of work and the simple life... a true folk-festival that speaks the poetry of the turn of the seasons, the beauty of seedtime and harvest, the ripe product of the year - and the deep, deep connection of all these things with God.


AMEN! while we should be thankful everyday it's nice to have to celebrate it too.