Nov 10, 2009

Halloween Costume

Halloween may be over but I can still see costumes being displayed at the mall these days. The great advantage now is that these costumes were sold with big discounts. I guess some people wouldn't mind buying it for the next year's use.

My daughter has plenty of costumes because we bought her a new one each year. She had a fairy costume, Little mermaid costume, Vampire, Princess Belle, Wizard, Angel, and a lot more but most of them won't fit in her anymore. She grew up so fast that some of her costumes were worn only once. This year, however, I told her that I will not buy a new one and use the old costume instead during their Halloween Fun Day. She didn't agree at first but after a lot of convincing, she finally conceded.

Recalling the incident two years ago, my daughter used to be very scared just by looking at the scary looking costumes and masks. Once, I had a hard time getting her out of the store because she was so frightened looking at the displays on the stalls. I almost lose my patience until finally, the female guard helped me to get her out. I could not imagine ourselves being stucked in there for the whole day!

Now, it's quite ironic that she preferred to look scary just like her classmates. She even wanted to buy the ghost costume but I declined for I find it so simple and I could not see her face, too. But I have to admit that it was fun looking at her donning different costumes.

Still, I am thinking of buying her a new one right now after I found Indian Lady Halloween costumes at the net. Their displays looked good plus it's for sale, too! Guess I'm going to avail it!