Nov 9, 2009

Let's Be Fair!

It's nice to meet friends in the blogosphere world and I love reading their blogs, too. I am also hoping to increase my blogger friends but maybe soon because I hardly bloghop these days as I'm up to something.

Anyway, some bloggers dropped by in here and asked me to add their link to my site and promised that they would include me in theirs, too. It was nice meeting 'new friends' so of course, I added them and it felt good seeing my blog on their lists, too. However, few weeks after, some of them deleted my blog link. Maybe they accidentally erased it? But I've sent them messages informing that my link was missing. Some responded and others did not...Solution? I deleted their blogs, too. Sorry, but I want it fair and square here.

Some people in my bloglist may not have included me in their bloglist but twas okay with me. Tt was my decision, after all, to include them and they didn't ask me to do it. Besides, they were my personal friends. But for those who came here and asked me for exchange links, please be fair with me. Thank you.