Nov 9, 2009

Berlin Wall

Today, November 9, 2009, marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I remember I had a German penfriend before who was older than me. She sent me a picture of her and on her back was the historic Berlin Wall. Since I was still young, I didn't quite get it why there were vandalism at the wall. My friend was pretty though, I just didn't like the dirty picture...

(L) East Side Gallery; (R) West Side 1986: Graffiti art on the wall's infamous "death strip"

Later, I finally understood the story behind the Berlin Wall. The Fall of Berlin on November 9, 2009 made history after 28 years of holding the country's citizens. It also ended communism in Europe. Recently, Economist referred the event as "still the most remarkable political event of most people's lifetimes."

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