Nov 18, 2009

Tired and Agitated

I woke up with a terrible headache today. Despite that, I have to prepare breakfast for my family, give my child a bath before going to school and see to it that my husband got everything he needs before going to the office.

After I drove my daughter to school and I came back home tired and agitated.My hands were trembling and I need to calm myself down. Instead of lying down to rest, I've decided to pack our many things in our bedroom alone. I put my daughter's toys inside the box and some of my books, too. I've realized that I need plenty of empty big boxes because we have a lot of things. We are going to transfer by the end of this month and it's so hard if I do this alone. I asked my husband if he could take a leave comes Friday to help me segregate and pack necessary things.

I've packed about 5 boxes only and there are still loads of things in our house. Moving out is really this tiresome...