Nov 20, 2009

Sweet Valley High

Sweet Valley High was one of the popular books read among teenagers. The book was generally classified as young adult or kids' fiction.

I happen to read this book and was not at first interested. But my friend wanted me to borrow her collections and forced me to read it. wasn't so bad at all. I think I got hooked for a few months but stopped later coz I've to study!

Sweet Valley High revolved around the lives of the twin sisters, Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield, their friends/classmates and their family. It was a typical teenage story like what usually happen at school re friendship, jealousy, trust, misunderstanding, etc. There was also a TV series based on this book but never got the chance to watch it. SWH started publishing their book in year 1983 and the last book they published was in year 2003.



omg!!!! i loved this back in high school. i remember AJ Morgan, Jessica's boyfriend. He was hot! Loved the series! thanks for the trip down memory lane!