Nov 8, 2009

Duplicate Remover

I generally save a lot of document files on my laptop. I do it so frequently that I don't even bother to check if I'd already saved a specific file once before. As a result, a lot of similar files have been building up. Same goes with my mp3 collection and it's just too time consuming to delete them one by one. Are you experiencing this kind of dilemma, too?

Well, while browsing the net, I tried searching for a free program that could help me with this problem. I happened upon a website named which had developed this small shareware utility called Moleskinsoft Clone Remover which can delete duplicates in itunes.

Moleskinsoft Clone Remover is system software that finds duplicates files and removes the duplicates of a file from the computer. Users of Windows and Windows Vista will find the program simple yet productive and at least enough to completely clean their iTunes library.

Clone Remover works by finding duplicate or non-existing music or video files quickly. The links in iTunes library can be sorted and displayed according to the search options. Each duplicate music file can be removed from the hard drive together with its link in the library. Files deleted by the duplicate remover are saved in a system folder, from where they can be removed or restored again. You can visit the site to learn more about how this system works.


John Smith

There is a better utility out thr... Try Duplicate Finder 2009 free it will find and remove duplicate files in itunes in minutes...