Apr 29, 2011

You May Kiss The Bride ~ At the Balcony :-)

Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Catherine on their wedding day. The couple looked good and happy together. And just like anybody else who watched today's Royal Wedding, I've waited for their kiss at the Balcony. Twice it happened and I was clapping for them because their first kiss was so short. Although their second kiss was also short, it was still memorable for they did it twice!

I can't get enough of these good looking couple. They were both lucky to end up with each other. And oh, I super love Kate's dress. Simple yet classy. I wish Princess Diana was there to witness the wedding of her eldest son.. I could only hope but am sure she's very happy :-)

Healthy Diet Food

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Apr 26, 2011

Princess Diana's Legacy

Now that the people are talking about the Royal Wedding, other people resurface just like the ex-lover of Princess Diana, James Hewitt. What is even funnier is that many believed that he's the father of Prince Harry. Hello??!!!! Look at Harry's face, he doesn't bear any resemblance to that guy. Good thing that Hewitt said he and Diana only had an affair after Harry was born. I guess some people just wanted to ride on the popularity of the soon-to-be-wed couple. And look and behold, he was also talk of the town. I don't even know why I blog about it. But I'm not happy but a little bit pissed off. Anyways, hoping to watch the Royal Wedding on TV on Friday. I hope the Prince William and Kate will not follow the path of the prince's parents.

We Don't Need Them!

I'm quite pissed off with our neighboring kids. I know I should not interfere but their being mean to my daughter was too much. I don't want to cause any trouble and the best way I could protect my daughter is not to play with them.

You see, we live in this place of only a year. These kids from our neighbor befriended my child and how happy she was. My child is 7 years old and her sibling is still an infant. So, imagine how ecstatic she was to found a new friend in our neighbor. Sadly, these kids were not so nice to her. If they can't get my daughter's things, they would say that they will not befriend her anymore. Sometimes, I heard them say that my daughter's boring or her way of playing was nonsense. Excuse me, they were at our house and the nerve for them to say that. But still, I tolerated. These kids come to our place if they liked it and if they were inside our house, they were always trying to make our house a mess.

This afternoon, my child who didn't play with friends lately because it was Holy Week, was so eager to play with them. She asked permission from me. I was hesitant but then later agreed. When she called the neighbors if they could play, I've heard it loud and clear when they said "We don't need you!". I was so hurt and so mad to hear those words from those kids. They were so MEAN! I called my daughter right away and told her not to play with them anymore. I was pissed off that I told my daughter never to play with them again and that 'she doesn't need them, too'. What I did might be too much but as a mom, I couldn't bear to hear those words from those naughty, naughty kids. Thank goodness I'm not friends with their families so it's easy for me not to let them get inside our house! I'm so mad that even my child's nanny was also furious with those kids. How I hate bullies because it reminds me of my childhood experiences...Sigh...

Apr 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Everyone! I know some of you went to church to celebrate the feast of our Lord. But some of the kids are just too eager for Egg hunting. I don't know why they do egg hunting on Easter Sunday or why some called it Easter Bunny Hunting and all they showed were colorful or patterned eggs.
Anyway, what's important is that we get to celebrate this day to thank Jesus for all He did to us. So, happy Easter to y'all!

Leisure and Fun

I knew of somebody who admitted that his favorite past time before was lurking himself at the casino. But later tamed down himself and avoided the game. However, there were times that he couldn't help it but tried to play it again if a friend of his invited him.

Right now, I asked him if he's also into online casino gambling. He smirked and told me he's thankful that he doesn't know how to use the computer or else he will be tempted to bet again.

He said he just likes watching the Casino film and relive his experiences and even identified himself at one of the characters in there. I know he was just joking but glad that he's becoming responsible now. If you want to get an update of the casino, you can follow it to Twitter.

Apr 23, 2011

You May Not Kiss The Bride

Well, well, well... So the "you may kiss the bride" part on Prince William and Kate's wedding will not happen at the ceremony. Westminster Abbey forbids it to happen, saying that's only for Hollywood.

But who cares anyway? As long as the Prince chose to marry Kate, then the kiss won't matter anymore. They have a lifetime kisses to share with each other as long as they stay married ;-) And if the kiss won't happen at the church, they can always follow Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana's style ~ at the lobby, where people get to see them as a couple.

Apr 17, 2011

Learning Is Fun!

I finished 2 courses in College, Bachelor of Science Major in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. But still, I am still interested to get another degree thru Online University.

I am a computer enthusiast but I am not so keen in designing so I was thinking of getting online degree programs in web designs. My knowledge in this aspect is quite limited but I am very eager to learn.

But since this also involves money, I'm not sure if I qualify for Free Application For Federal Student Aid. But if you're also interested, you can check with them your status at this site: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/

Have a Blessed Palm Sunday!

Happy Palm Sunday to all who celebrate this feast. This is in honor of Jesus' triumphal visit to Jerusalem. It is also the start of Holy Week.

Palm Sunday is celebrated a week before Easter Sunday. This week, some denomination will celebrate Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday.

It is mostly the time for reflection, prayer and fasting. Wishing all those who celebrate and memorable and blessed Lenten season.

Apr 14, 2011

Good As New

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Courtney Cox Had Enough

Couple divorced, couple splitting, 'famous star having an affair' are the famous taglines of some of Hollywood's stars yet this comes in normal for them. However, actors like Courtney Cox and her husband separated not because of those reasons but because Courtney was tired of her hubby's childish ways. I guess it was because he was 7 years her junior but I don't buy that reason. He's already 39 years old for heaven's sake! And now he is being interviewed and he shouted to the world that he tried to seduce Courtney and even wanted to *&^% her but his ex-wife didn't give in. Come on, should he really say that for the whole world to know? If he wants to get back to his wife and be accepted, I guess he should try to keep his mouth shut first. Well, this is entirely my own opinion. (image source: click the picture)

Apr 13, 2011

SEO Consultant

Have you heard about this SEO Essex guy who is the extreme opposite of what you think of? Well, anybody has styles and it doesn't mean a person doesn't dress properly, he is not the right person for the position. Just in the case of Jamie Bennett who is an SEO consultant from Essex. If you will see them, you will not think right away that he is an SEO because of the way he looked. He's got tattoo and piercings yet when he works, he does really work. He is serious about his job and even work under pressure. But these SEOs have other lives, too. They deserve a break so just don't be too shock if you see them having fun or good time. I personally would like to have a boss like that than somebody who works like a horse and forget that there is also life aside from his job.

Obviously, this SEO guy that they are describing is well loved by his co-workers. And he seems to know how to balance his life from work and pleasure. He can be a friend to anyone but also can be your mentor when it comes to work.

Mixed Nuts

I am quite exhausted today. I would've felt relieved for I have already found a replacement for my old house help but I guess I was still under stress that I feel this way. I have to take care of my 2 kids and my helper is just here to assist me with the household chores. But still, I am glad for it. At least, I'd be able to relax from my other chores. At least my concentration will be more on my kids and not so much on the house. And I guess I should give myself more rest so that I will have energy to do other things and one is blogging. I've even have some paid post but are not yet done coz I was tired. I'm actually trying to drag myself to do it so that I will not have anything else to think of today. But I know, by doing it slowly yet surely, I can finish my task...

Apr 10, 2011

Gold Account

A lot of taxpayers or investors are including their IRA gold into their account. They decided to have their precious metals added because they knew they can benefit from it. They knew that if they put their 401k gold, it rises up when the stocks prices are down. Even during ancient times, they believe that owning a precious metal protects their wealth and holds power.

Investors with gold IRA knew that their metal is high in demand and its market value does not depreciate. And because of its rarity, they mostly placed at a highly secured safe storage at the bank for protection.

Apr 9, 2011

How I Wish...

We have a new maid today and one of my questions to her was if she owned a cellphone. I am a bit strict on this policy now. My helpers got crazy talking or texting over the phone and never got to do their job done properly. They made excuses to go home because they were told do so by their parents, aunts, children or whatever alibi they could make. Sometimes, they go to the bathroom to excuse themselves only to find out that they've been spending their time talking endlessly on their phone. Gosh, how I wish I were a bitch so that I could throw their phone away. But I tried to grit my teeth and only call their attention if it was too much.

But my new helper has no phone - to my delight - but that was only short lived. She asked permission from me that she really has plans to buy a new phone so that she could check on her child left under the care of her mom. But I made her promise not to use it during day time. But I still don't know how long this new maid of ours would last because last year, most of them only stayed for only a month or 3. I hope this one will not make any mess just like our last one and hope she's good and last a little bit longer...

Apr 8, 2011

Cherished Number

I am not really aware of this thing but just caught my attention when I saw it flashed on the net and I took time to read to understand what is this all about. Well, if you have cherished number plates, it turned out that it can be sold. Anyways, you can get it, too, if you want to have it unique. This site makes special number that you wish to have. You can make your own or you can have them do it for you. They also have an exclusive collection but guess that already differs on the rate. If you wanted so badly to make your own, you can also choose a style you want. But if course there's limit to the characters made and if everything looks perfect for you, you can have it made by them. But if in the future you want it sold, this site can help you. You can sell your cherished number and a new one. If you want to know more about this, I suggest you visit their site and check for style that suits you best. You can also call them over the phone and check on their services for they are open daily from 9 am to 8 pm.

Lazy Day

I declare today my lazy day! I am in no mood to clean the house. I just folded our blankets in the rooms and give my kids a bath. I didn't bother to clean the bathroom or sweep the floor. I've got piles of clothes to iron but I gave myself a break. Tired! That is all I could think of. I just want to read a good book or do blogging or browsing on the net. I am in no mood for chitchat either. I guess what I only have to do is cook food for breakfast and lunch, wash the dishes and that's all. I even decided to take a bath later, if I'm not to lazy to do it, hehe. Okay, let me be lazy just this once... I deserved a break :D