Aug 31, 2010

Rustic Furniture

When we transferred to our new place, we have so many things to consider. We must transfer our things and leave the others that we don't quite need anymore. And how I spent a lot of time sorting those items! Then, we need to replace our old things with a new one. Of course, we need to buy products with good quality and affordable, too. Plus we need to match the color of the walls or cabinets to make our place look good if not better. As of now, things are almost okay in our place but we still need a few more things to beautify our living room and bedroom. And it was so timely that I happen to browse the net and saw great rustic furniture online. Their products are perfect to look at our rooms. The woods that they used show natural beauty that gives us a comforting feeling when we use them. When you go to their site, you can choose different kinds of furniture that may be of great use at your home, your office or wherever you want it to be. Their set of rustic kitchen furniture is even great and dainty to look at. So, if you're scouting for great furniture, I suggest to go to their site and look for their awesome product!

Aug 24, 2010

Miss Universe 20101

And the winner is.... Miss Mexico! Congratulations to Miss Mexico's Jimena Navarrette for coveting the Miss Universe crown. 83 candidates were vying for the title but only one lucky lady will win.

1st runner-up went to Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps, 2nd runner-up went to Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell, 3rd runner-up went to Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska and 4th runner-up went to Miss Philippines Venus Raj.

To all the winners...Congratulations! And to all the candidate who did not make it to the top finalist, there's still next time but I would like to congratulate you, too, for a job well done! You all did your best but since beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, we can never argue on that. Anyways, I wish you all the best most especially to the winners and good luck on your endeavors! (image source:

Aug 19, 2010

Salmonella Symptoms

I love to eat scrambled egg, sunny-side up or hard boiled egg matched with bacon or hotdog especially at breakfast with coffee on the other side. Egg is high source of protein, choline, iron and a lot more. But take note, egg should be cooked well. Otherwise, this poultry product can give us salmonella.

Salmonella poisoning can result in gastroenteritis or severe stomach illness. Sometimes, it results to typhoid fever which can be very painful. If symptoms persist, you need to see a doctor right away.

It is best to cook your food, not only egg, well. Any undercooked product can result to illness and this usually happens to developing countries as they mostly love to eat raw food. Remember that Salmonella can kill if you go on with this illness without proper medication. So, if detected earlier, it's best for you to your nearest hospital and be properly evaluated by the qualified health provider.

--> Let's take a clearer look on the egg

Article Alley

A lot of us wanted to write an article that we hope will be read by some viewers. Blogging is one way of writing a story about yourself or anything that you would like to share. You can also write your own opinion or reviews about a certain article. But if you wish to gain more viewers about what you write, Article Alley is there to help you. In this site, all you have to do is submit your articles or you can even find free articles from them. They also allow authors or promoters get articles from their site. You can register for free at article alley and then you can just write a unique but quality article and submit it to them. When I browsed at their site, I find different but interesting articles to read and you can also search from them the article that you want to find. They really are helpful because you can find varieties of topics from shopping, finance, business, SEO, computer software, health and fitness, news and society, site promotion, fashion, career, automotive and a lot more! What is important when you join their site is to comply their guidelines and it won't be long enough until your article appears live in their database. So, why don't we try it?

Aug 17, 2010

Miss Universe 2010

Who do you think will be crowned Miss Universe on August 23, 2010? If you ask me, I have no idea. I love watching beauty pageant on TV, if I have time, and most of the girls presented were pretty and witty. I can only have my bets during the coronation night but as of this early, I cannot comment. Miss Universe is a prestigious beauty contest. For this year, the pageant will be held at the Mandalay Bay Events, Las Vegas. To all the candidates, good luck to you and congrats to the winner! (click picture for image source)

Aug 10, 2010

Qualified Mobility Dealers

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have an elderly family member or a loved one with disability? Sometimes, these people deserve to have a break. They want to go out and have fun either at the mall or just go out sightseeing in nature. But before we allow them to do so, we must consider first and foremost their safety. It's best to take that extra precaution so that we don't add insult to injury. Have you ever heard about NMEDA? They are a group of professionals or an association of mobility dealers, manufacturers and rehabilitation that promote safety. These vehicles are reliable and are modified to enhance accessibility for all people. As people are unique, it is imperative to get an equipment, a wheelchair for example, that is best suited or designed for a specific individual. It can be customized for the person's specific lifestyle and needs. NMEDA can even provide qualified personnel to train or assist you should you need one. One of their main goals is to help disabled people get back on the road to independence.

NMEDA also has a Quality Assurance Program, or QAP, that is recognized nationally for its accreditation program for the adaptive mobility equipment industry. Its principle is based on consistent customers satisfaction and must have a systematic and documented approach to quality in companies. NMEDA does not sell anything but it is a non-profit trade association wherein they educate consumers on buying products from a qualified dealer.

If you're interested, you can visit and on their homepage, hit the dealers locator and type in your ZIP code and see if there is a qualified dealer near to your place. You are also free to leave a comment there.

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

Aug 6, 2010

Emma Watson's New Look

I love Emma Watson's old hairstyle but I guess she was just tired and wanted to have a new and fresher look so she bravely cut off her famous locks and sported a new shorter 'do.

My daughter who loves her as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter series was taken by surprise when she saw her picture displayed on the net today.

But I do understand Emma. As much as I love her old look, I see that she wanted to try something she hadn't tried before. Anyway, she still look charming, isn't she?

This is what Emma wrote in her facebook account: "Dear all. Cut my hair off a few days ago... Feels incredible. I love it. I've wanted to do this for years and years; it's the most liberating thing ever. Hope you like. Big love from Emma x".......So, let's just be happy as well ;-)

(image source: click the pic)

Aug 4, 2010

Wednesday Blues...

I'm in one of my moods again today. I was in deep reflection earlier today and can't help but pity myself a little. I know I chose the path where I am and where I stand today. If I want to change the course of my direction, I know it's up to me to direct the sail. I should not rely to others or rely on prayers to be answered unless I do something to make it happen. Problem is, I can't do it. I guess I am too weak to do it. And there's always something that holds me back - my kids, my family. They are my main reason that I can't do things I wish to do right away. There are so many dreams, plans and hopes that I wish could happen to me but deep inside me, my heart knows who should come first. I guess, perhaps, this is the reason I can't attain the goal that I tried to achieve. So I guess I will sacrifice myself to prioritize my family. I will sacrifice my profession, my plans and goals to be with my family. I have to admit I sometimes envy others, having a family with a great career. I seldom asked, 'why can't I do it also?'. However, life is different for me and to others. Now, I tried my best not to look at other people's success or life because I also don't know about the problems they encounter. The best thing for me to do now is to accept, be content and perhaps love myself...