Feb 28, 2010

Teacher Mommy

My preschool daughter's final exam will start on Monday. I'm not that kind of mom who pushes my child to study hard everyday. I only focused on her weak strength and when she's able to get it, I let her relax, enjoy doing her stuff (which is playing) or let her be.

But today, I was thinking that maybe I was too lazy and too lax for her. She might have a poor performance on their final evaluation and I should blame that to her lazy mom :p. So, I decided to review her first all about animals and its classification. I wrote the exam on a piece of paper, have her fill in the blanks and I guess I wrote plenty of items for her to answer. But my daughter called my attention. She said I have not included other animals and she wanted me to give her more exams...and so I did (30 items for 3 papers). Now, I've realized that I gave her too much exams. I guess it would be draining for her for I saw a very tired look on her face already. I must be overdoing it and I hope I have not caused too much agony for her. I will surely let her play and relax for the rest of the remaining day...

Feb 27, 2010

Not In the Mood

I'm not so much in the mood today. In fact, I am currently debating whether to go out or not to go out. I just love to stay at home than go to a place where I am not comfortable surrounded by very cold people. I'd rather stay in the warm comfort of my bedroom or browse the net. I was thinking of a DVD night, too. It's kinda inviting. Might order some pizza to complete my night. But my hubby's dragging me to go with him. In fact, he is not giving up! Oh well, I'm pretty sure I ended up going. So much for my plan for the night!

Feb 24, 2010

Best High Definition Viewing

There's good news if you join the DIRECT TV family because you either have the option to receive a high definition TV programming or not. My relatives from Illinois have been using DIRECTTV because not only of the packages it offers but also because they can watch their favorite show at their own leisure time.

What is also great about DIRECTTV is that you can view your favorite programs using a High Definition TV (HDTV) wherein the picture and sound is more defined. I also learned that HDTV has one-thousand and eighty vertical lines of resolution and it uses that to create the picture on your screen with twice as many as the standard TV screen has.

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I am currently reading a book my friend lent me. It's very interesting and I got so engrossed reading it before I go to sleep. I am not yet finish but I'll definitely blog about the book as soon as I'm thru. I am suppose to continue reading it now but I got so mad with the mosquitoes that are flying everywhere. I'm trying to eliminate them because I am very much distracted already.

And now, I am in here blogging about this annoying insect..

My Namesake

I happen to browse my Friendster account lately and it was only then that I read some of the messages and comments sent to me. I had this friend, who years ago courted me. He was my classmate in college but I shifted to another course and he transferred to another school/city. Despite that, he tried to keep in touch with me via long distance calls and continued his intention. We soon became good friends and finally stopped courting me when I told him that I already had a boyfriend (now, my husband). He wished me well. He was really a nice, thoughtful and caring person but what I can only give him was long-lasting friendship. I guess we were good as friends. I got married and had a kid later and he remained single.

But around 2 years ago, he got married and soon migrated to another country. I wished him well, too, and glad that he was very blessed and happy. Early this year, he greeted me on my birthday and on his profile was a picture of his baby girl. I browsed the pictures and to my surprised, his baby and I shared the same name. I would've asked him if he named it after me, hehe. But perhaps he and his wife just like the name they christened to the baby. It's a nice name, anyway, hehehe...

Great TV Packages

Almost everyone finds satellite TV convenient since you can watch programs at your own convenient time and in some packages you can even choose the kind of programs to watch. Well, if you're searching for really good special offers on DIRECT TV Packages, I've recently found a website called blogtelevision.net which offers lots of DIRECTV Packages that you can choose from.

In whatever state you live in, there's sure to be DIRECTTV Packages that suits well to your choice and your budget.

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No Connectivity...

Gosh, I almost ran out of patience because our internet connection was down for 3 days already. Although they informed us that they were upgrading and adjusting their system, I could not believe it will take 3 days to finish it! Anyway, I am still thankful that I tried my best to stay calm. And I guess I was also pretty productive at home, hehehe... I was able to do lots of chores and put some of my things in order. But now that our internet is back, I just found out that I've a lot of mails, messages and pending paid opps and I am just about to cram!!! Good thing that I still have 1 more day to do it or else it will expire. Despite all these, I should be thankful that our connection is back or else I'll be missing lots of chances here..

Feb 18, 2010

Best Email Web Hosting

I've read and heard a lot about web hosting but I never tried it yet. But reading thru other else's blogs made me think to try it. But I've to be honest, too, that I am not that super knowledgeable about web hosting and I guess it's best if I check the site that offers the best service to make sure I choose the right one. I've checked one site that offers email hosting and so far, they are best email web hosting provider in 2010. This site continues to push forward the standard for excellence in Web Hosting and have been accredited with a number of awards and recognition for the continued efforts to provide top quality service to the customers. I think we can be very sure that the awarding is reliable because these are carefully examined by experienced webmasters to provide the service we require. And through the customer's reviews and testimonials, we will be able to differentiate which web hosting service is best and which one will definitely suit our need. There are also articles on their site that will help us understand everything about web hosting. I suggest you visit their site to learn and know more about web hosting.

Feb 17, 2010

Green Eyed Monster

If there are things I don't like in this world, it's those people who are liars and plastic. I've been observing some friends of mine, in fact, some of these friends I considered my closest. But what the heck, maybe it's just me who's trying to get close to that person but that person doesn't like me at all!!! Actually, this person did so many things before that it's getting on my nerves now. Sometimes, I want to play sweet revenge on this person - but I can only do it in my mind. This person lied a lot of times to me but still I was there. Then, this person even gave me lots of excuses when we have the chance to talk. This afternoon, I tried to send a message via YM, said my hello because that person is online, instead, that person logged out. Trying to avoid me or pissed off with me? Why, what have I ever done?!!! And why did I never believe in my instinct? I've already got a hunch that this person would evade me especially that I've just had a great life lately. And how many times will I ever realize that this person is not worthy to be called my close friend? Such a green-eyed monster...

Feb 14, 2010

We Are The World

I can't help but compare these two videos. Both were done in good taste and with lots of talented artists. However, in my own opinion, Nothing Beats the Original. It was simple but was able to capture and touched the hearts of many people. The new version is good, too, especially that my favorite Celine Dion was included and sang Cyndi Lauper's part. I was also amazed to see the late Michael Jackson in the new version. Although it was obvious that they used the old clip, it was as if MJ was really there! But I don't like in the new video is the rap version. It was way too long and they made it sound like a hip-hop song/dance. But it was a great effort to all the artists involved for giving their time and dedicated this song not only to the Haiti victims but to all victims of calamaties as well. Enjoy watching the videos below:

We Are The World - USA For AFRICA

We Are The World 25 For HAITI

Mitsubishi AC Compressor

My uncle owns a Mitsubishi vehicle and he is very meticulous about his car. He always see to it that his vehicle is always in good condition most especially the parts. He sees to it that his vehicle is checked to maintain its durability, usefulness and services. And he is most particular on his mitsubishi ac compressor. Just then, I've read in one site about Mitsubishi vehicles. This site assured that Mitsubishi indeed are known for its driving experience.

If you own a Mitsubishi just like my uncle, this site guaranteed not to worry about the interior comfort as one of the important components contributing to the interior sophistication of the vehicle is the air conditioning system.

They also said that the air conditioning system, the most contributing part is the Mitsubishi AC compressor. The AC compressor is responsible for pumping the refrigerant to the entire system. In other words, Mitsubishi AC compressor is a type of a mechanical pump driven by a belt attached to the engine.

But a replacement for your Mitsubishi AC compressor is needed if you sense any burning smell at the clutch or hear any belt-slipping noise under the dash. For more information about Mitsubishi compressor, visit their site to learn more!

Valentine's Day on Chinese New Year

While I was about to write an entry on this blog, I've heard fireworks that lasted for several minutes outside our house. Oh yeah, not only are we going to celebrate Valentine's on February 14 but it's also Chinese New Year. What a nice way to celebrate two occasions at one time.

My husband and I still don't know whether to celebrate or not. In previous years, we've had a hard time celebrating as it was hard to find a seat in a restaurant, heck, even in fast foods. The following years, we either celebrate it ahead of time or the day after. But since we did not dine or celebrate yesterday, and the day after Valentine's is Monday, there's a possibility that we will indeed celebrate Valentine's on its very day. Otherwise, we'll just take out food and eat it at home, hehehe...
However, I am also curious on how people will celebrate Valentines and Chinese New Year at the same time. I'll just find it out later ;)

Auto Insurance

Acquiring an insurance for our vehicle is a must for me and my husband. And every year, we always renew our insurance. We find this a necessity in case some unavoidable incident happen. In getting an insurance, we have to check the company's policy, too, and what it offers. We also made sure that both parties are agreeable to the terms and conditions. Anyway, if you happen to purchase a vehicle or a truck lately, there's one site that provides the best deals and excellent customer service. HVG insurance is an unbeatable insurance company that provides excellent and quality service. Autonet Insurance Group has a reputation of providing high quality insurance products and add genuine value that goes beyond product supply to create an unmatched customer experience.

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Thanks Again, Mr. G!

I've just realized less than an hour ago that Mr. G ranked my page again. Actually, it's not really a big deal for me if my page is ranked or not. But if given a pr of 2, then, that's nice. If Mr. G will ranked my page again to 0, well, then fine with me as long as he will not ban me :-)
Awhile ago, I visited one site and tried to grab an opp. But I was left thinking why there were some available opps for me and that left me wondering for a few minutes. I checked one opp and read that it requires a pr of 1. That was when it hit me that perhaps my page was ranked again and indeed it was. So, thank you for that Mr. G.

Feb 13, 2010

Easier Way To Search

Need help to find your favorite show that you missed watching? Almost everything nowadays are easy and accessible to find. You will just have to browse at torrents search and everything you wanted to look are just right in front of your eyes. My husband was the one who introduced me to this site when he heard me murmuring for missing some episodes of my favorite shows. You see, I am a stay at home mom but I am also busy doing a lot of chores. I don't have the leisure time to watch because I still need to do the laundry, cleaning, cooking, ironing, preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. And I have to drive my child to school and need to do the grocery, too. At night, I have to review my daughter on her lessons. But now, with help of this site, indeed watching my favorite shows according to my free time is a lot easier and very convenient on my part.

If you're also like me who don't have a regular schedule in watching shows or even movies because of some chores, I highly recommend this site for you to visit. Check torrent search now and find everything you need in there.

Feb 10, 2010

Is Megan Fox's Thumb For Real?

People are fuzzing over Megan Fox's thumb on her Motorola commercial. Honestly, what's the big deal about it? I can hardly even noticed it but people were saying that she's using a body double. I guess this is also the price of having an almost perfect face that whatever flaws in her body is very visible. I'm not a fan of hers but I find her unbelievably beautiful. I have high suspicions, though, that she had her face enhanced (she looked different from Transformer 1 to T. 2). But whatever makes her happy, it's her right, it's her money and whatever she's getting from there, it's her business.. Anyway, sharing to you below is the video which makes people wondering if Megan indeed had her Thumb Swap on Motorola Commercial.

Feb 9, 2010

File Sychronization

I have several files in my laptop and also in my PC and most of the time, I usually have to backup these file in case I might delete some accidentally. But there were some disadvantages I encountered while making backups this way, coz whenever I would update my files, I would have to manually copy hese files to my backup folders, too. It would've been easier if both files were automatically updated. But thanks to the sync software, backing up of files has never been more easier. File synchronization is a process of making sure that files in two or more locations are updated through certain rules. File Sync is a folder and file synchronization software that is free for noncommercial usage.

File Sync is commonly used for home backups on external hard drives or updating for transport on USB flash drives. This also prevents copying already identical files and can save considerable time from a manual copy and less error prone. This is also very useful for mobile workers or anybody who works on multiple computers because it is possible to synchronize multiple locations by synchronizing them a pair at a time.

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Feb 4, 2010

Mistress of the Game by Tilly Bagshawe was the Lousiest Book I've Read!

Finally, I finished reading Sidney Sheldon's book sequel, Mistress of the Game, this time authored by Tilly Bagshawe. After reading, let me just say I wanted to throw the book at the trash. I was a huge Sidney Sheldon fan. I've read all of his books and Master of the Game was my all-time favorite. I know the characters by heart and I've read the book again and again. With Sidney Sheldon gone, I was ecstatic to find out that there's a sequel but only it's written by a different author. Actually, the author acknowledged that she's a big fan of Mr. Sheldon, too, and she was honored to be asked to write a sequel to the story. But I didn't like the outcome of the book. It was way too violent and too sadistic for no reason at all.

(Spoiler Alert!)

Sidney Sheldon also showed a lot of violence in his book but it was done with a reason. But with Tilly Bagshawe, I didn't like her style. Heck, she even ruined the first part of the story by killing the beloved Alexandra Blackwell while giving birth to her second child. Not contented, Ms. Bagshawe turned Alexandra's good-natured psychiatrist husband, Peter Templeton, into a hopeless drunkard after Alex died and later, even tried to shoot his own son with a gun just because he was close to his mother and sister. The son, Robbie, who was a good pianist and was shown in Master of the Game as the possible successor of Kruger-Brent later renounced his right from inheriting the fortune & chairmanship of the company. He grew up a drug addict and later turned into a faggot. His sister, Lexi Templeton, was kidnapped at the age of 8, was raped and lost her hearing due to bombing during her retrieval. Her brother transferred the will to Lexi & was molded to become K-B's future chairperson. Lexi, the mistress of the game of the story loved her work so much but privately, had a promiscuous sex life.

Tilly Bagshawe made the family looked twisted and erratic and she made everybody connected to the Blackwell empire cursed. Sidney Sheldon never made a story like that, most especially for his heroine. TB made Lexi looked like Paris Hilton with strings of relationship and with lots of sex scandals. As far as I could remember, Sheldon's heroine who were business magnates didn't indulged in a scandalous sex life, unless of course the heroine was a model or a movie star. Ms. Bagshawe did not spare any character from this book from stupidity, humiliation and tragedy. She loved to sensationalized the tragic moment of the character's life. Just like Lexi's distant relative Gabe Mcgregor, who's family were all slaughtered including his very pregnant wife. All people working with the Blackwells had a series of unfortunate events, too.

And what's more horrific in this book was how the author bravely described the incestuous relationships of Kate Blackwell's descendants (Eve and Alexandra's children turned lovers!!). She even made Eve's son, Max Websterm, a killer at a tender age of 10 by killing his own father! I don't know what sort of things came out from the author's mind. She must be loving violence so much that she didn't spare anyone. In Sidney Sheldon's books, the endings are always the good conquering the evil. But in Mistress of the Game, the story ended with everyone defeated and even the powerful Kruger-Brent was shattered to bankruptcy and Lexi, a fugitive. And how the heck did Eve Blackwell, who's already very old, knew all of her niece's activities, to think she locked herself most of the time in her room? She was already deranged yet the police took her word against Lexi. What a stupid book and how stupid of me to continue reading. I should've stopped in the middle of the book. I only tried to finish it to see how the story went but the author didn't justify anything. It was probably better off if she'd rejected the offer because she can never be in league with the late Sidney Sheldon.

Tilly Bagshawe said that she hopes all Sidney Sheldon's fans will enjoy her book as much as we enjoyed reading Mr. Sheldon's book. Well, she's definitely wrong. I hate her book and I'll be glad to get rid of it. This author should stop dreaming of filling Mr. Sheldon's shoes and concentrate in doing her own work.

Feb 1, 2010

Taylor Swift: Big Winner at the 52nd Annual Grammy Award

Taylor Swift's Fearless album won Album of the Year Award at the 52nd Annual Grammy Award. It was the top plum of the night and I'm very happy to hear about it. I'm a big fan of this 20 year old Country singer so, I'm just so ecstatic to know about the result. I also like Beyoncé as she has proven herself a great singer but maybe people favored Swift's album more this time. But Beyoncé grabbed several awards, too, only not the top prize.

Taylor Swift also bagged the Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song for White Horse and Best Country Album for Fearless.

I hope to hear a new album from Taylor Swift soon. What most people liked about the songs of this young singer sans songwriter is that her music is so honest that people can relate with it. So, way to go Taylor and congratulations on your achievements!