Mar 22, 2013

Domain and Hosting Promo Codes

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Account Deactivated

I tried deactivating my FB account for 1 week and just found out I can 'almost' live without it, hehe. It's really okay not to be updated with what's going on with other people. I've finished reading lots of books and did lots of chores at home and spent more quality time with my kids and I was instead busy malling with my children. Life is fun outside FB (",)

Only few people mattered to me and it's only their messages that I look forward to receive. Some of them asked me when I'll reactivate my fb because they have something to tell. Anyways, just today I finally reactivated it and so my life is kind of busy again, haha. But I'm trying to make sure not to give more time on FB coz I have more important things to do especially during weekend where I do my laundry.

Mar 12, 2013

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Running Like a Marathon

Goodness gracious, I didn't realize I was given an opportunity to write and now I ran out of time. Okay, let me just write this for awhile before I can think straight on what to do. I have about 2 hours left before everything expires. I guess that's what you get if you keep too many accounts and not checking them and now I'm running like a marathon.

So, gotta go now and hope I can still make it.

Mar 2, 2013

Promo Codes

I had been blogging since late 2008 and it was only two years later that I bought domains for my blogs. Hosting Coupons was introduced to me by a fellow blogger and it was then that I appreciated it because I get a huge discount.

Actually, I was quite hesitant to buy a domain before until I was finally convinced by my friend. Later, I decided to have it hosted and everything went really well with my blog. I've earned a lot, too. But I've heard from others that they have trouble with their domains and they even paid a huge amount on it. I referred some of them to my existing hosting site and so far, I haven't heard them complain anymore. I hope they are now satisfied with the services.

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Feb 25, 2013

My Fault Exactly!

I am so stupid for forgetting what I need to do the other day. I totally forgot to write a post and now I ran out of time. Oh well, that serves me right so that I won't do it again. Problem is I'm quite lazy to blog these days. I'm not in the mood anymore to write a post. But there are times that I would love to write anything under the sun but that all stayed in my mind and never put into writing. If only my mind can write. Anyways, gotta go now and see if I can still make another post...

Oct 20, 2012

Book Your Premium Ticket Now!

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Sep 20, 2012

Tick, Tock...

I've been keeping my mouth shut for some time but there are times that I really wanted to explode. I don't know who to talk to or who will listen to me and understand me completely. If I got so provoked, I couldn't help but say my piece. I just don't want other people to talk to me as if I'm so dumb and deaf. It so happen that they don't care to listen to me when I talk that they got wrong infos and all.

Worst, I hate it if people will talk things to others as if they need to be involved. Do you liked it if someone will talk to the neighbors on what's going on to your house? Worst, the information given were oh-so-wrong! I hope these people will learn to at least zip their mouth. I don't talk much and as much as possible, I want things settled in a quiet way. But darn! It didn't happen that way. And I hate it! HATE IT! Even though people knew already their mistakes, they're still the ones that got upset. As if I don't have the right and as if I need to be condemned. And since nobody's fighting for me, I fought for myself. I am so upset even though this happened weeks ago, I still am upset when I learned that this reached to other side of the house. Now, can you blame me?

Aug 24, 2012

Worth The Wait

Are you now preparing to procure world series tickets or super bowl tickets? I bet some of you will watch this because I've heard these games gets more exciting every day. Anyways, if you want to get more entertained, why not get nba all star game tickets as early as now? These games will still start next year but I know some would say that it is worth the wait.

So Dead Tired!

I'm so darn tired of life lately. I know I don't have the right to complain but hey, I still have the right to whine! I'm looking for positive vibes but negative things just kept on pouring in. Sometimes, I just want to close my eyes and think of nothing but me, myself and I. But I just can't because I've to face reality.

Still I'm hoping for the best. Maybe I just can't wait things to fall into places. But can't you blame me if I wanted toooo long? Oh well, I'd better sleep now and hope to have a better tomorrow...