Jan 30, 2010

Special Valentine Gifts

It's almost February and Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Valentine's is a time that you get to let your special someone feel extra special. And people around the world are celebrating this day very special day, too. So, I bet some of you are already thinking of what to give to your special someone. However, some of you are most probably undecided on what to give. Well, you might be interested in visiting website which offers a promo on Valentine Gifts. This site caters various unique collections that will help you choose what particular gift you intend to give to your love ones. There are also gifts of valentine events which could be a symbol of fictional of popular character, teddy bears or anything which signifies love.

Actually, there are other websites who offer different ideas for Valentine gifts but only a few can give a real unique Valentine gift. You are assured that you can find the perfect Valentine gift for you love one and even for yourself. They can even create a bobble head replica of you to give as a Valentine’s gift. And what's more, their prices are very affordable, too!

To learn more about the details, visit the website at http://www.giftmeideas.com.

Jan 28, 2010

Dancing Inmates

This video was sent to me via Facebook and I can say it's really awesome! I just can't believe what these inmates can show to the world. Michael Jackson's long time choreographer, Travis Payne, and two dancers went to Cebu Provincial and Rehabilitation Center and personally teach the inmates the dance moves. Check out the video below where the Cebu inmates danced Michael Jackson's This is It song!

Jan 26, 2010

Tee Time Potty Putter

I remembered my dad who enjoyed a lot of sports and took some of his time to really practice. His last hobby was golfing and told me that this sport made him calm and at ease and gave him no pressure.

Anyway, are you an amateur in playing golf or already a pro? Do you think you need extra practice more? Because there's a way where you can practice it anytime and anywhere in your free time. I knew some guys love to practice putting in their spare time at home and some, during break time at the office. They say this kind of sport make them less bored and helped them relax their minds. Well, good news for you because you can also practice this inside your bathroom. I thought this was silly the first time I've heard about it but after knowing that this was actually done by others, I guess I'm going to bring you this news, too. Some of the guys even mentioned that doing potty putter inside the bathroom make the place less boring. If it were me, I prefer to read the newspaper. But for those of you who prefers otherwise and hoping not to daydream, doing tee potty putter may be recommended for you.

Rapidshare Search Engine

Browsing for an important file these days are quick and easy. If you need to know more about a certain product, you can have it look at the net. If you want to know more about the details of some of your researches at school or office, everything can be given thru the net. However, not all sites can provide what you have been looking for. Media Search Engine is also necessary to direct you to the right page.

Frankly speaking, I am not that so familiar with search engine but my husband always used it whenever he needed it. For him, it was convenient and easy to access. He can even use it to search for movies or games without any hassle. And whenever he has some work at the office that needs further information, all he has to do was to search it via Rapidshare search engine. And even though this somehow confuses me on how to actually use it, the result was actually amazing because everything you need has been provided.

Rapidshare search engine actually searches on sites, forums, message boards for Rapidshare file links. And they do not usually store any files on its server. Try visiting their site to learn more!

Jan 24, 2010

Is It Really the End of Brangelina?

Everywhere in the net today, I've read that the power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting (or have already splitted). Sad, huh? I don't know if this is a rumor but it seems people are saying that this time, it's real. Frankly, I was not happy when Brad ended his marriage with Aniston and a few months later, went out with his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star. But as years went by, I've finally accepted the Brangelina affair and admired their humanitarian work. They even have a foundation and helped a lot of people not just in America but in other countries as well. They are also very hands-on parents to their kids - adopted and biological...

If this rumor is true, then this is sad news. I feel sorry for their kids, too. I hope they will remain friends and parents to their kids. And I hope they will still continue helping others despite the split.

Jan 22, 2010

Where's My Bloglist?

Something is definitely wrong with my bloglist. Just realized today that everyone on my list is missing. So sorry guys! This happened 2x already. I don't know what went wrong because I never even changed my layout lately. I have not updated my blog, too. Good thing I tried to checking it out today... I'll try my best to add your links back in here. So sorry about it guys. It's not intentional. Please let me know also if forgot to include your name and your link.

Jan 14, 2010

Haiti Quake

Thousands feared dead and trapped in Haiti earthquake that happened last Tuesday. My heart goes to all the victims and for those who lost their loved ones. A lot of people injured were treated by some aid Doctors but they also encountered bigger problem as there is no water and feared that some of the thirsty people will eventually die. The country needs help after the catastrophe destroyed a lot of houses, hospitals, schools, etc. I hope some kind philantopist and rich countries will be able to help and provide them with their basic needs. Our own country can contribute something, too. But let us all be united and offer our prayer for the victims, for the dead, for the injured and most of all, that they may be able to withstand all these obstacles in life and never lose hope.


It's already 2010 and I am hoping again for the best this year. Actually, I am always looking forward for a good start every year. But there are really things that it's out of my control. A lot of things had happened in the past years, I have so many dreams and wishes that were not granted and things that I did not expect to happen happened.

This year though, I still wish to fulfill my wishes and dream. There might be a new diversion in my life that will happen this year but I am not closing my doors to any possibility just to reach my goal. I have to admit that I've dealt a lot of frustrations and sometimes depression but life's a roller coaster so I will just have to ride on it. Experiencing these things made me a stronger person, too. I've realized that my family needs me and I need them, too. I should also take into consideration that my personal ambition sometimes blinded me and not realizing that I neglect what my family felt, too. So, that's why this year, whatever decision I make, I should also consult my family and see if it brings peace and harmony not just to me but to everybody.

Jan 8, 2010

Custom Logo Designs

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If only I am that talented in designing a logo and got lots of ample time to design, I will definitely join. But I bet some of you out there are as talented as what this site has been saying. This is one great way to show your talent and venture into a very good career.

Jan 3, 2010

Happy New Year

It's been quite awhile I haven't posted an entry here. Been very busy lately apart from celebrating Christmas and New Year with my family. I hope you had a blast during those events, too! And I'm wishing everyone to have a fruitful New Year.

I hope to blog more often in the coming weeks. But definitely not this week as I've been doing a lot of errands these days. I'm looking forward to write my entries here because I really have lots to tell.

But as of the moment, this is all I could share. I'm quite in a hurry and i just wish everybody a Happy New Year!!!