Jan 27, 2009


It's funny how some people give to so many specific instructions and conditions yet they are still the ones breaking it. It's like telling you to do this and that but if it were them violating the rules, they have every right to do so. Ironic but crazy.

Another thing that I've noticed in my work place lately was that some seniors were asking the trainees to express their opinion or suggestions. Nobody actually wanted to voice out but one trainee was brave to do so. And just as I expected, the seniors found his suggestion not appealing to the work place and did not buy his opinion. Crazy but Ironic.

There are so many situations that I've observed and encountered that I found it oddly funny. Like when I used to work in an office years ago and there was this person who didn't like to help or share what she knew. The result, I kept bothering and asking so many questions. I just can't do things that I'm not sure of or else, we'll be in trouble. So, we ended up wasting our time. Ironic, don't you think?

Jan 26, 2009


There's nothing wrong to criticize as long as you're on the right track. Constructive criticism can even better one person as long as things were not done personally. What I just despise is when a person always criticizes other people. I believe that nobody is perfect and I think the best way to end your irritation to other people is to confront him or her. But if you can't, why bother yourself to that person? I believe that when a person starts to give negative comments to anybody, I can also be her victim. It usually goes that way.

I always wanted to have a positive outlook in life and wanted to have a positive vibes in my surroundings. However, I'm also a picky person. If I find one person to be unworthy of my friendship, why should I stick to her? I am free to choose valuable friends and free to live a hassle-free life.

Jan 24, 2009

Argued Over Nonsense Stuff

Argument is part of life but sometimes, I just can't stand having an argument over some petty things. I guess we are also entitled to our opinion as long as we don't harm others. However, when I watched TV and expressed my opinion over one news or episode, my mom would always tell me to mind my own business and do not interfere with the lives of others. Those on TV are public figures, why can't I make my own opinion over them? This is a democratic country so I'm free to express what I want... But I did not even make any negative remarks! Then, I just realized that maybe she was reacting that way because she was very loyal to that network. Damn! That's why I don't like to watch TV especially if the people around me are so into their preferred network! They just can't accept criticism. Glad that I watch whenever I like or want it in no particular station. That way I can say I am not biased...

Jan 15, 2009

When Mother Nature Strikes

It seems mother nature is not so kind to us these days... or maybe she's also having a terrible time. 2009 started with a heavy rain, and some of our neighboring zones were greatly affected by flood. We thought that was it, but the following week another flood came and more worst scenario happened. It rained for several days and until now it has not stopped. Strong winds occur during late at night or early morning, and sometimes, it was eerie to hear. Good thing that most schools suspended their classes as it would endanger the students especially the little ones. Some establishments declared a half-day holiday, too, however, hospital employees need to work to attend to their patients. Anyway, hoping this never-ending rain will finally stopped because it's been days (or a week) that we haven't seen sunshine in our place. But more importantly, I wish there will be no more victims and everyone will be spared this time from any calamity. Dear mother nature, hear us!

The Cream of the Crop

I'm quite busy these days. Hospital duty is no joke. When I applied for work, I did not specify which field I wanted to specialize, however, later, I put in there I wanted to be in the operating room area, and I was placed in there! Actually, to be in the OR is very challenging and the mere fact that it's considered to be the cream of the crop in the hospital. So far, everything went fine in there. And I hope to give my best in everything that I do...and I hope I can give it to them, too!

Jan 2, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be...

Wishing each and everyone a happy new year!

Gosh, suddenly, it came to my senses that I've got a lot of things to do this year. Next week will be a busy week for me and I don't know how prepared I am to face the new challenge... Actually, I always face whatever challenges I will encounter along the way. I know this feeling that I have right now will eventually fade away.

Ok, ok, I'm kinda hesitant and somewhat dreading why I have to do some things that I don't really have to do. It's just that... well, I just want to experience some things that I haven't done before... I know I'm talking vaguely here and it's not clear to you what the heck am I talking about. Sooner or later I gotta tell you, ok? Bear with me, can't reveal it yet, hehe. I'll tell you when I'm there already because as of the moment, I still have the chance and all the time to change my mind. Just wish me luck - that's all that I need right now ;)