Jul 28, 2009

Doctor, I'm Not Sick?

I was kinda getting paranoid last week. I wasn't feeling very well, not that I was sick but I experienced some discomfort in my body. I'm not really a hypochondriac type of person.. I believe I don't have a conversion personality disorder but knowing something was not right somehow made me a little panicky...

So, I went to see a gynecologist, a gastroenterologist and by this week I am going to have a urine and ultrasound tests. I was thinking of seeing a neurologist, too, but I don't see any significance - although I experienced migraine from time to time...

(Image source: http://blog.creativekismet.com)

Anyways, I've to do this (seeing doctors) to give me a peace of mind. The OB-gyne asked me to come back later this week and I hope the result of my pap-smear is alright (negative). Actually, it was also my fault of not having this test ever since. Married couple or those sexually-active people out there should have this test yearly. I know it's so ironic on my part that being even in the medical field, I neglected this for a stupid reason or am just being irresponsible. I plan to do this yearly starting - this year ;-)

Gastro doc asked me if I was under stressed lately - and ya-ah! I was, I am and still will be, whew! He just laughed and told me that it was unlikely for my age to contract such illness that I was kinda imagining. I got relieved after that.

Well, I'll just try to think positive and hope my other tests will have a normal result. Honestly, I'm trying my best to be calmed and tried to break through however, I break out most of the time. Perhaps I need to go on a retreat to spend time with Him. I think I need that for I feel so lost these days. Hope to be guided to the right path again.....

Jul 26, 2009

Life is a Journey

Today's my dad's birthday. He would've turned 61 had he lived long enough. But he died early - at age 51. Terrible illness caught him, it was the Big C and he was the 1st in his family to have it. Sometimes, I thought about how short his life was. Such a waste for dying so young and even not see the fruits of his labor. You see, he was a workaholic and when he had that disease, it was then that he decided to retire. He wasn't able to enjoy his retirement, he wasn't able to see me and my siblings walked down the aisle and he did not even see his grandchildren.

But of course, we cannot predict the future. No matter how careful we would be, we don't know exactly what will happen to us. Best thing we need to do is Pray.

Anyway, going back to my dad, I miss him terribly. Although I have accepted his death wholeheartedly, I can't help but think at times how our life would be right now if he were alive. Many times, I've dreamed about him and he was even in good condition. It made me smile even when I woke up.

Despite the ordeal that my family went thru at that time of his illness, I was just too glad that God made each and everyone of us strong. Our faith was tested but my family remained strong. I asked the Lord that when He would take my dad away, be sure that I would be around to take care of him up to his last breath.. and that really happened. I even appreciated the beauty of death at that time. Maybe because I was prepared. It would be painful to see your loved one died but it was more painful to see him suffering and experiencing excruciating pain. But when his time was up, I thanked the Lord for everything, for allowing me and my family to serve my dad while he was still alive and for letting me understand about life. I've realized that life was like a journey. And that we have to make the most out of it but we must also try to live according to His will.

This afternoon we went to visit my dad at the cemetery despite the heavy rain. My mom, my brothers, our spouses & our kids were there. We may not be able to see and feel him but I'd like to think he's happy to see us. Well Dad, Happy - supposedly your - 61st Birthday. I could never forget the word you said before you left - "Always remember that you're here in my heart". And you are, too, forever in our hearts...

Jul 19, 2009

Fantasy Football

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Jul 18, 2009

Influenza A (H1N1)

People are currently talking about Influenza virus A. I thought they were just exaggerating when I've heard news that it also hit some people in our city. But now, a major university in our city is declaring a temporary suspension of their classes due to the spread of this disease..

Influenza A(H1N1) virus is a subtype of influenzavirus A and the most common cause of influenza (flu) in humans. Some strains of H1N1 are endemic in humans and cause a small fraction of all influenza-like illness and a large fraction of all seasonal influenza. H1N1 strains caused roughly half of all human flu infections in 2006. Other strains of H1N1 are endemic in pigs (swine influenza) and in birds (avian influenza).

Click the illustration to see how flu strain jump from one species to another including humans. It's called Antigenic Shift and it can happen in 3 ways.

Anyway, if you acquire symptoms of H1N1, go to the doctor right away and have it checked. It's better to treat the symptoms early or regret it later. The complication is what makes it deadly. Remember, health is wealth!

Click image to direct you to the source

Jul 12, 2009

Happy Feet

I hope to pamper my feet, my toenails just like this. But I am so preoccupied with other things these days that I forgot to treat myself. To let you know, most of the time, I am the one painting my nails. I rarely to go to the parlor and have my nails made by an expert because if I can do it, why go there?

It's safe, affordable and I can easily erase the color if I don't like the result. But if I really wanna relax (complete with foot massage, lol) - I guess I will just let somebody else do it for me ;-)

Jul 10, 2009

Rainy Friday Afternoon

Was planning to go out this afternoon to buy some stuff that I'll be needing for next week. In fact, I was already set and about to go out when the heavy rain poured. Must wait for a few sec, I thought...

So, I ended up browsing the net, checking my emails and read some blogs until the rain 'calmed' down.

I was set to go out again, bid everyone goodbye in the house and brought my umbrella with me. But few seconds later, heavy rain poured down again. Darn! I would still get wet even with my big umbrella! Don't wanna use the car, too, because it's hard to find a parking space. Besides, the place that I would go to was just 5 blocks away from home.

So, I waited again, browsed the net (again) until the rain subsided...

Finally, I was on my way out and I made sure to bring my jacket. If the rain's gonna pour hard the third time around - it's O-VAH! (I said it out Loud)...

...and indeed it was OVER! I did not open the door yet that it rained again. Gosh, it must be one of my (un)luckiest afternoon.

Now, I am making this blog - and it is still raining very, very hard...

Jul 8, 2009

Affordable Hotels

It's really nice to go on vacation or Asian tour these days but the airfare ticket and hotel accommodation must be considered. It is very important for us to budget our expenses while on vacation in order to have fun and not to worry about other matters. If you're currently planning to go somewhere, try visiting Vietnam. I've heard a lot of great places in there, just right for the tourists to explore and see.

What's exciting is that Accor hotels Vietnam with Novotel, Grand Mercure and Mercure brands is running a 7 day super sale with heavily discounted room rates from July 7 till July 13, 2009 for stays from July 17 till September 30, 2009.

I went to their site and got so enthralled with La Residence Hotel and Spa's majestic view. The hotel is located on the banks of the Perfume River in the city center, overlooking the famous citadel and close to tombs built during the Nguyen Dynasty in the 1800s. The hotel is 17 kilometers from the airport and features 122 artdeco rooms, a bar, restaurant, swimming pool, spa, health club and tennis court.

Why don't you check it out? Who knows, you might be interested and avail what Vietnam Hotel Super sale is offering.

Jul 7, 2009

Failure To Thrive

Do you have a child (or a nephew/niece or knew somebody else's baby) whom you think is not able to meet his/her developmental milestone or his/her expected weight? It might be due to Failure to thrive.

Failure to thrive is a medical term which denotes poor weight gain and physical growth failure over an extended period of time in infancy. As used by pediatricians, it covers poor physical growth of any cause and does not imply abnormal intellectual, social, or emotional development. Failure to thrive is weight consistently below the 3rd to the 5th percentile for age. Treatment aims to restore proper nutrition.

Diagnosing and treating a child who fails to thrive focuses on identifying any underlying problem. From there, doctors and the family work together to get the child back into a healthy growth pattern.

(About Failure to Thrive) Most babies double their birth weight by 4 months and triple it by age 1, but kids with failure to thrive often don't meet those milestones. Sometimes, a child who starts out "plump" and who shows signs of growing well can begin to fall off in weight gain. After a while, linear (height) growth may slow as well.

What I've also learned about FTT is that babies must have a consistent caregiver and that their needs should be attended. Bonding with them and giving attention will help the babies achieve their ideal weight and developmental milestone.

Jul 1, 2009

Take A Nap

Aaahhh (*stretch*), I just woke up from my short nap - rejuvenated. I badly needed this as I've been sleeping late at night these past few days. I used not to sleep in the afternoon because I get woozy afterward but now, I'm far too different from my old self.

I usually asked (reprimand, perhaps?) my daughter to sleep in the afternoon so that she will feel recharged and not exhibit temper tantrum. I sometimes join her and now, it seems that I won't last a day without having my short nap. A good 10-15 minute break is all I need and my zest for the day will last until the wee hour in the morning, hehehe...

(pic from yahoo images)

Puffed It Out!

What's good about smoking?

Ok, many years ago, I've tried smoking out of curiosity. My dad was a chain-smoker and my brother also smokes. As I've said, I tried it out of curiosity but I had it for 2x or 3x only. I wanted to understand what was on it, what the feeling was and how it tasted... and it was bad!

But I was able to understand the feeling after puffing a cigarette. It did release my stress. It was relaxing and I felt good afterward. So, I guess that's the reason why under-stressed people can't quit smoking.

My curiosity did not last long. I stopped right away, but my brother and my dad did not. Heck, how I hated it when my brother's friends came over to our house because they kept on smoking. Our rooms were separated only by wall but there was a small window where the smoke could pass into my room.

Anyways, later on, my brother gradually stopped smoking and I have my SIL (his then gf) to thanked for. That's the power of love, I guess, hahaha.

But what exactly happened to my Dad and my brother?

My dad passed away due to maxillary cancer. Of course, the main culprit was smoking. His retirement pay was spent most entirely to his medical expenses and other treatment. He was not able to enjoy his life. He died at age 51. Such a waste. But may he rest in peace.

Although my brother gradually stopped smoking, he later suffered mitral valve prolapsed. He quit his job and stayed home to rest. It took him about 2 years to recover. I sometimes thought that his illness was psychological. Another thing I could think of was may be, he suffered withdrawal syndrome from smoking. Whatever it was, glad he's back on track right now and tried to stay fit and healthy.

My other brother tried smoking, too, but only occasionally. I'm also glad that my husband doesn't smoke at all because he can't stand it. He's allergic to some irritating smell, you know.

Well, if you smoke, I won't ask you to stop. It's your business, it's your body but I can only give you some friendly advice. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, you know what to do. Don't you think it's great Not to have halitosis, too? That way, many would love to kiss you, haha!

You can browse on the net or read on a book to know more about the disadvantages of cigarette smoking. But what I'm talking here is merely my opinion and what I have witnessed and wishing that some of you out there will learn something out from it ;)