Dec 29, 2010

Natalie Portman is Engaged and Expecting

While some Hollywood couples divorced, some are headed to marriageville. Natalie Portman and and her fiance are currently engaged and report says that the latter is on her family way.

Portman met her future husband, Benjamin Millipied, while filming her movie The Black Swan. He was Portman's ballet dance choreographer in the said movie where they began dating.

Portman's acting was first noticed at the movie, Leon (The Professional) where she was Leon's young protege. Her performance was more noticeable in V for Vendetta, Starwars where she played Queen Amidala, The Other Boleyn Girl and her performance in The Black Swan was predicted to earn an Oscar nod. Portman was one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood. She's a natural and her acting has depthness. She's even tagged as the young Jodie Foster and I so I agree with it. Apart from acting, she's a Harvard graduate. She lie lowed for a while in showbiz to finish her studies and that's what makes her more admirable. I wish Natalie the best in her future endeavor.

Dec 23, 2010

Be Unique!

I've plenty of friends who are into business these days. I hope I am like them but I am not a business-minded person but I hope someday, I'll take the risk and put up my own. These friends of mine are also trying to penetrate business by selling it online. Sometimes, it gets confusing because they almost have the same items being sold to us. I suggested to one of them to make some distinction in her business, like by having a Logo Design Company to be easily recognized. She can have it custom made and should she have any trouble doing it, she can always ask help or browse on the net and look for professional logo makers. I recommended her to one site that do the service for a cheap price and will help her make a logo that is unique from others. They guarantee 100% customer service satisfaction, with unbeatable logo design packages. This site offers convenient design process with privacy secured, too. You can check their site if you're interested to get more details. Visit them now!

Hello, Skype?

Just as I was about to sign up for Skype, I can't get thru, only to find out that the site was down. The users were quite mad as they can't log in to their accounts, hoping to chat or talk to somebody important in their lives. I've been using yahoo messenger for a long time and I was contented with it. However, friends and relatives also told me to sign up for Skype as it's very accessible and easy to call and chat online. I wasn't in a hurry for all my friends knew I have a YM account so why should I try a new one? And when I finally decided to register, since I'm already curious and I guess it won't hurt to go with the trend, Skype won't respond. I thought something's wrong with my registration but only to know from the others the problem they encounter. Well, I hope this site will fix it fast to calm other people who are an avid user of Skype. It's almost Christmas and I guess some people will greet each other via video call so they have to understand the outrage of these users. As for me, I can wait. My love ones are here with me and I guess a text message is quite enough. I still plan to sign up with this site, after everything is fixed...

Dec 17, 2010

I Wish To Go To France!

I have not seen a friend of mine for a very long time. Thanks to social networking for I finally found my long lost friend. He is currently working and residing in Europe. He now considered Norway his second home for he has been there for more than 10 years already. As I am fascinated with the European culture, he told me about it and showed me some pictures to the places he had been to. Last time, he stayed at one of Hoseasons villas in france and I can say it was really amazing after seeing the pictures. He said he enjoyed every minute of his stay and plans to go back in there again. He convinced me to visit the place someday. If only I could but I know I have to save a lot of money in order to bring my family there with me to enjoy the vacation. I am really happy for this friend of mine. I wish him all the best in life and hope one day I'll be able to see the places he's been to.

Dec 16, 2010

Scarlett Reynolds Divorced

When I've learned that Scarlett Johansson got married, I've a feeling she will end up in divorce. That's why it didn't surprise me when I learned that she and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, decided to part ways.

I guess it's just normal for Hollywood stars to always end up their marriages like this. I hope some of them will still value the sacrament of matrimony. Okay, I'm not trying to be righteous or hypocrite here. What I'm trying to say is that I hope they won't rush themselves into getting married only to end up in divorce, especially for Hollywood stars. They have their fame, fortune and career to take of and if they don't give much time to their marriage, then a divorce is likely to happen. Recently, it was also Cristina Aguilera and husband who got separated. I wonder who else is next by next month?

Dec 12, 2010

Breakfast In Paris

One of my childhood dreams was to go to Europe to see the beautiful scenery and explore their culture. France is one of the places I am dying to see and if I've everything that I need, I will be staying in hotel paris where they will serve me a breakfast in bed. And perhaps the hotel's channel manager can recommend to me a great restaurant paris where I will have another sumptuous meal. Sounds great, huh?

Computer Break ;-)

I've been blogging for several days and did a lot of photo editing at the computer that I decided to give myself a break yesterday. I got exhausted and I hope I won't be having much radiation in my body ;-) My lappy is my bestfriend at home. I'm so thankful for having this or else I would be sulking a lot if I have no diversion here at home. My kids are great, but the eldest is going to school during daytime and the youngest is still on her crib, still learning how to crawl, hehe. So during my spare time, I do things a lot in my computer, even read news locally or internationally because I've no time watching television at night, too. Anyways, I'm back blogging but I guess I will not spending much time on the computer today. We're going out and I'd better enjoy it for tomorrow, it's me, the baby and the lappy at home again ;-)

Dec 8, 2010

Cookware Set

After all the blues that I've had had yesterday, all I can think of right now is to try baking or cook some delicious meal. I've always wanted to try out something that I don't usually do. However, I need to have some nice and sturdy cookware because I only have a few and some are already dilapidated. Don't get me wrong, I do cook but not as good as my brother or any cook out there. Most of the time, I experiment on things. Gladly, I was able to meet some expectation but sometimes, it's quite frustrating to cook when I lack lots of things. It's also best to have things that would last for a long time coz one time, I used one of our cookware and it just suddenly destroyed. I guess that was made of cheap material. I didn't buy that, it was given to us but sad to say, it was only used once. But I found this site that offers great stainless or aluminum cookware. It said in there that it will last for 10 years and they guaranteed for that. They have everything I need so perhaps, I might try to purchase this item online.


I was not in the mood yesterday and I can hardly talk about it. I wanted to blog about it but I wanted to keep quiet, too. All I could think of was to scream at the top of my lungs just to release what I felt inside. I wanted someone to talk to and when I do, I get so emotional. I kept on wishing for my dad to be alive. I wondered that if he's still around, should I be treated this way? I guess not. For I know my dad was a respectable person and perhaps others would think twice before picking things up on me because my protector is around...but sad to say, he's not here anymore. I could only wish...

Great Family Vacation

It's winter season and in some countries, people are experiencing a very cold weather because of snow. Although some are excited about it, others are not, because they can hardly go out and have fun if it's freezing outside. And they have to shovel their area so that they can properly pass by and it's an added work for them. But just bear with it as this will pass and another season will follow. I have a friend who is based in London and told me that she and her daughter can't wait for UK Short Breaks. They're both looking forward to it but they just have to wait for the snow to melt down so that they can truly enjoy their holidays. They wanted to go this place to relax and unwind and at the same time, bond with each other as mother and daughter. She said this place offers nice services and some activities where they could both enjoy. Oh, I could only wish I can go there with my family, too. I know it's not bad to dream but perhaps one day, this wish of mine can be granted. Perhaps we'll just have to work harder, too!

Dec 6, 2010

Wily Faggot!

I got a call from my husband this noon and he was yapping to me about some thing. After knowing all the hullabaloo, it was my turn to get mad. We were not bickering, by the way. He was just confiding on me over some matters. Last month, one of his officemates asked him if our used aircon was for sale. My husband told him that it was indeed for sale as we purchased a new one. Our used aircon was still in good condition, only, we wanted to upgrade the horsepower. So, he bought it an now, a month after, he told my husband that something's wrong with the aircon after having it cleaned and repaired. He said that the compressor is damaged and the aircon is not functioning. WTF! Really?! Now they kinda blame us. We will never ever sell something that is already damaged. We don't lie to other people about the problem of our items. I was pretty sure that the cleaning person was the one who damaged it. We never ever had a problem with our old aircon. In fact, we don't even plan to sell it but since we don't use it for the moment, and it was timely that his officemate was asking it, so we let it go. If we knew that this would be the outcome, we never should have sold that item to that stupid faggot! *#@(+%$!!!

Dec 4, 2010

Window Blinds

We have three bedrooms in our house and only our room has curtains. The other two rooms don't have curtains. And both rooms are quite big but nobody sleeps in there. We have a guest room but we used it to store some of our things that we rarely use. The other room, that is beside the master's bedroom, we decided to divide it as a toy room and the other half, as a mini office. We just put a partition so that everybody knows which area they should stay. But when doing things at daytime, it is quite glaring because it's too bright outside. My husband and I thought of putting window blinds instead of curtains. We find blinds easy to manage and it suits very well with the room, too. I was just too glad to find it in one site that they have several blinds with affordable prices. Plus, I can buy it online!

This site provides free measuring, advice, phone and quotation to make sure you get what you want. They guarantee customer satisfaction. They will even provide a magazine if you ask them to so that you will have an idea of what your blinds look like. Isn't that great?

Dec 1, 2010

Merry December To All!

Yipes! It's already December 1 and 24 more days to go, it's gonna be Christmas! I don't know if I should be excited or what. When I was a kid, I look forward for this season especially Christmas eve because the exciting part was the opening of the gifts. Now, it's my kiddo who is very excited... guess it's now her turn. What I am only looking forward to is the family gathering. We usually go to my mom's place and celebrate Christmas with my family until the wee hour in the morning. Yes, we do sleep over at her place and that makes my daughter happy. She loves my mom, her aunts and uncles and most especially, the gifts that she's going to receive, hehe.

I don't know what's in store for me this season. All I could think of is my usual routine like buying gifts for my kids, for my godchildren who are more than a dozen, and gifts for the people close to me. I could not think of anything to buy for myself and if ever there's something I want, I've to consider the price coz I don't want us to go out of budget. We still have other bills and tuition to pay. Ok, enough with those. I just wish for a merry December and I hope it'll be granted.

Nov 30, 2010

Lucky By Sam and Quinn

Have you seen this portion on Glee? I agree with Santana that this couple is freakin' charming. I've been watching Glee and how I came to like this show. But there are just some scenes that are not suitable for the kids to see. Anyway, about this song, the title is Lucky and it was originally sang by Colbie Calliat and Jason Mraz. But I came to like the version of Sam and Quinn. They looked cute and they really sang it nicely. Here's the video for you to see if you missed this episode or if you don't watch this show at all ;-)

Nov 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! This is the time to thank God for the great blessings and abundance He provided for the country. This day don't only pertains to one nation but all countries in the world. Each and everyone must try and stop for awhile to thank this day. This the day that we should remember what our country has done for us. Let us at least be grateful even just for this day ;-)

Nov 24, 2010

Irritating Neighbor

Our neighbor is starting to irritate me. Although we live less than a year in our place, neighbors should at least respect our property. This rich neighbor of ours are so used to place their garbage in our area and they really have the nerve to just leave it there! WT-H! Are they so used in stepping somebody else's shoes? I don't give a damn if they're a relative or not. The mere fact that this is our property already and we obviously have a borderline, I don't think they have every right to just put their trash in our area. They should be embarrassed but it seems that they're so thick they won't even bother to think about it. If I can't take it any longer or if I can't control my temper anymore, they will really have a word from me. Their cleaning boys and ladies are stupid enough to follow orders from their boss and this annoys me so much!

Nov 23, 2010

William And Kate To Wed On April 29!

Whoa! So Prince William and Kate Middleton will tie a knot on the 29th of April! It was mentioned that the engaged couple wanted a spring wedding and now they finally reveal the exact date. They also chose Westminster Abbey as the place for their wedding, and where the late Princess Diana's funeral was held. The Prince's uncles and aunt were also married in there but sadly all of them ended up in divorce. Although not yet officially married, many people hope that their marriage will last a lifetime.

April 29, 2011, Friday, will be made a public holiday according to their government. Wow, I bet most if not all people in England will celebrate the union of the Prince and his future Princess. And oh, have you seen Kate's engagement ring? It was once owned by Princess Diana, given to her by Prince Charles as an engagement ring. It's an oval shaped blue sapphire with diamonds surrounding it. Don't you think how lucky Kate is? I really wish this couple well and be looking forward on the 29th day of April ;-) (Picture courtesy of

Nov 20, 2010

Eva Longoria Divorced Player Hubby

What's not surprising to Hollywood stars these days are when they decided to get married and divorced in a short span of time. Seriously, it's considered a miracle if they survived 10 years as husband and wife. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who were once tagged as power couple, had their marriage lasted for 11 years and that was already a miracle (Katie Holmes, bite your tongue)! Recently, Eva Longoria's split with hubby Tony Parker was all over the net. I even had a magazine about them when they tied the knot 3 years ago. It was an extravagant affair and everybody seemed happy. But a few months later, I remember a news about Eva's hubby having an affair resurfaced. Eva stood by her man. But what's this news recently that her hubby's actually having an affair of his teammate's wife?! Bah!!! Such a bad ass! And this news was just like normal for everybody. Aren't they embarrassed of that these adulterers doing? I know it takes two to tango but still I pity Eva as she's the abused part in this scenario. After defending and stood by her man, perhaps she finally woke up and got fed up that even though it broke her heart, she must let him go. I hope Eva will have her sweet revenge soon, how's that? ;-)

Nov 19, 2010

Scrub Nurse

I am a nurse and I was once assigned as a scrub or circulating nurse at the Operating Room. It was also mandatory for us to wear our nursing scrubs because this served as our uniform but this cannot be worn outside the OR area.

But I made sure that I'll be comfortable enough in wearing our scrub suit. The mere fact that we were to assist the surgeons during operation, it's best to wear a scrub clothing that is just right for my size with good quality. Besides, we have to consider the patients, too, who we often assisted and if we wore something rough or itchy, I'm afraid it might affect them. Good thing that I knew somebody who sells cheap but good nursing scrub suits.

Nov 17, 2010

Screw You!

I'm tired, drained, annoyed, irritated and I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs!!! I am just too tired today...actually, for several days (or weeks?) already. I've been doing a lot of chores and been taking care of my kids 24/7, and that includes my husband, too! It would've been okay but I've a baby who is sometimes cranky and wanted to be carried for such a long time. And that's what happen today. Sometimes, my baby is easy to manage but not today. I've been carrying her several times for about 30-45 minutes and that made all my energy drained...

But what got me irritated the most was my cleaning lady who did not return yet to do her chores. The mere fact that she borrowed money from me made me quite mad to think of it. She promised to be back but I've never heard of her for almost 3weeks already. I sent her a message about her absences and that she should come back to work in order to pay for her debt. A promise is a promise and I swear she won't try to owe me again as she would get nothing no matter how much she needs it if she will not pay. Under normal circumstances, I don't ask for payment right away especially if the person could be trusted or has a good reputation. But with her? I only pitied her because of what happened to her daughter. But if you ask me how good she is in cleaning? Nah! I bet she won't even pass your standard. Perhaps I'm this vindictive. It's just that I don't want to be toyed at anymore. I'm tired, I'm weary and I'm definitely fed up with this kind of game! Screaaaaaaammm!!!!

Nov 14, 2010

Leave Some Privacy

Just visited my Facebook account. I love this social network as I can reach out and search for my long lost friends..and they can find me there, too. It's nice to update one another and where we are right now. For some, they made it as their venue for business. Hmmm, quite risky for me to do it. Perhaps one of these days, there will be tax payment online..

But what I don't like to see in Facebook is when people use it to bicker or backbite others. I can't help but read it as it is the first thing I see everytime I opened my account. And what I hated the most is when a couple announced their dirty linens at home. Should they make it more private? Should they really share it for everybody to read and comment? That's why I don't waste my time leaving comments on their shoutouts because I find it so obnoxious and intruding and I don't want to side with anybody. I just hope these people leave some privacy on their lives. What they do is just telling everybody what kind of person they are. It reflects their personality. I guess it's really better for them to just keep quite and leave some reservations for themselves.

Pacquiao Wins Again!

As I've said in my previous post that I'll bet on Manny Pacquiao. Now, he's won the fight over the Mexican Margarito. Actually, a lot of people already predicted his winning on this bout and so they were right. Margarito already got weak during the 6th-7th round yet he still finished the fight up to the 12th round. But Paquaio still has a lot of energy and looks unmoved. I guess this man has studied his opponent's move so well that he knew Margarito's weak points. So, congratulations again, Pacman! I wonder when will he ever get tired of this sport? :)

Nov 13, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Finally, the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the movie will be shown in theaters on November 19, 2010. I'm so excited to see the movie version and I'll be looking forward for the 2nd and final part of this J.K. Rowling series. As a fan of this book, I will surely miss the story of this young wizard and his friends. As to Ms. Rowling, she will always be one of my favorite authors. She's a good storyteller and I hope she will make another book as exciting as Harry Potter.

Movie version may came out differently from the book but as I said, since I am a fan of this book, I don't mind watching the movie version. As long as the substance is still there it won't matter. So, HP fans all over the world, let's see each other in theaters... I even plan to download it so that I can watch it all over again if I feel melancholic on this young wizard. Accio theater house!!!

Pacquiao Vs. Margarito

Now, are you ready for Pacquiao-Margarito bout this coming Saturday, November 13, 2010? And who's your bet? I'm in for Pacquiao of course! But everyone has its own candidate so let's just wish ourselves luck ;-) Actually, I'm not that a big fan of boxing but my hubby is. The event will be held at Cowboy Dallas, Texas and I guess people from the Philippines and Mexico will stop for awhile to watch and support their fellowman. Well, since boxing is a sport, I hope supporters will be sports enough to accept victory and most especially, defeat from their bets.

Oh well, let's just wait and see for the result. And I say, Go Pacman!

Nov 11, 2010

I Won't Be There

I just hope some people will be a little bit sensitive. You see, I value friendship and whatever that is entrusted to me will be treasured always. I always offer my ear when they wanted something to tell me. In short, I'm ready to help. The only thing that I cannot give right away is when it comes to money matters unless I have some because I don't have that much.

What I'm telling here actually is when it's my turn to ask for a person's time to hear my woes, I can't find them. Or, it turned out that they are on their own, minding their world. Worst, they've done things that I am not included. That, I despised and I always think of a payback time. I've helped some of them, even wasting my time to help them and look for ways that they won't be in so much trouble anymore. Now, I've learned several things. I plan to play it safe next time. Perhaps I'll mind my own business without including those people who are taking my advantage. I am this sensitive and I hope those people will get what they deserve next time. And if worst will come to them, I won't be there.

Nov 4, 2010

I Want A New Bed!

Right now, I wanted so badly to have new bedroom sets because we have a lot of things that are not properly kept. I even wanted to add a new set of bed, too, because my kids sleep together with us at the master's bedroom. They are still very young so they joined us in one room but we don't fit in one bed anymore. Apart from that, I have plenty of valuables that I want to keep it in our bedroom but it's taking up the space. And I happen to browse at the net that provides everything that I need. It has all the intricate details and designs that I so long wanted. It perfectly matches the wooden floor and cabinets in our bedroom and it is good to look at the corner of our bedroom, too. I hope I'd be able to purchase this cheaply online as I badly wanted to have it right now. If you're interested, I suggest you visit their site and see for yourself. I guarantee you that they really offer good products and with good quality, too!

Nov 3, 2010

All In A Day's Work

I'm not in good mood today. I am so tired with all the household chores. I asked a cleaning lady to come today and do the rest of the job but she did not arrive. But the previous day she also borrowed money from me. I was just hoping she will work on her debt. After all a day's work, my back ached and so is my head. I took a pain reliever already but the pain is still there. So much for broken promises. Anyway, I intend to have a good rest tomorrow. I hope it won't be a bad day...

Computer Business Cards

Our technology is really evolving these days. Everything can be found at the internet. Even tracing your friends all over the world, you can search for them via social networking. If you want to create something for personal use or business, you can have it at the net. So, if you want to create computer business cards, you can look or check at their site for a ready-made card. You can choose which template you like, the background or how you place your name on it. There are different styles, be it professional, smart-looking or fashionable. You can have it custom made if you want your personality reflect on your card. Or, you can ask from a computer repair professional if you preferred a certain template that you found at the net and have it personalized. If you are interested to know more about these personalized business cards, you can visit their site and look for the design that suits you best. They also offer other categories that might be useful to your current business. So, why don't you take a peek?!

Oct 31, 2010

Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween to everyone. Perhaps most of you (especially the kids) are busy trick or treating around the neighborhood or celebrating a Halloween party. Halloween is usually observed at the last hour of October 31st. It also derived from a Scottish word meaning All-Hallows-Even or 'evening'. Common activities during this day is the trick or treat, costume party, pumpkin carving contest, ghost story telling and horror films played at the movie house.

So, to all people celebrating Halloween all over the world, enjoy and have great hallow night!!!

Oct 30, 2010

Toxic Drywall

Are you currently moving to a new house or redecorating your place particularly your wall area or ceiling? Make sure that you are using the right and safe materials. Some Chinese drywall that you or others might be using is quite dangerous because it contains toxic ingredients or materials. It's possible that it emits poisonous sulfur gases, it also corrodes copper wiring, it destroys your furnishings or fabrics and it also damages your air conditioners and appliances. With this warning, we must take extra precaution in using this thing or report it right authority. We must take extra measure to keep ourselves away from harm that might damage our health because of what is around us. Our home is a place where we should live harm-free and away from unhealthy surroundings. If you want to know more about this particular drywall, you can visit this site and learn more about the dangers that it can contribute to our health. If you are a victim already, you can put it into legal action and file it in court. Remember, this is your right since you are fighting for your safety here.

Oct 28, 2010

Book By Zafon

Yaay! My friends let me borrow their books and I felt guilty because I have not yet read it, hehe. Right now, I have here The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I don't know the plot of the story yet and my friend just told me it's quite dark, and that what made me curious about this book. I'll just post later my review on this book. But if you have read it, you're welcome to share your opinion with me here. Perhaps I'm going to start reading this book as soon as I'm done with this entry, hehe. Oh, Halloween's almost near. I guess some of you are preparing for a hallow or costume party or others may be busy carving their pumpkins.. So, have a great one!!!

Oct 22, 2010

Controversial Glee GQ Photos

I used to hear people giving positive feedback on Glee Show until I finally gave in and watch the show. I came to love it and I guess I became one of the Gleeks. My 7 year old daughter also watched with me and my husband because she liked music very much. However, as the story progressed, the episode requires adult supervision. Sometimes, I watched ahead to see if it's suitable for kids. Season 2 came and one of the episodes tackles about homosexuality. I've nothing against homos but when they showed 2 female characters making out made me decide not to let my daughter watch the show. I know it's in my power to discuss to my child about sexuality but she's only 7 and it's hard for her to comprehend such thing. So, I guess it's better if I let her watch Dora the Explorer, Animal Planet or any Educational show on TV. Recently, I've just browsed on the internet wherein some Glee members posed a steamy shot for GQ magazine. Now, what's on their mind?! Rachel Berry wearing skimpy panty licking a lollipop? What was she trying to prove? Isn't her popularity not enough for her? I've not seen the rest of the pictures but Quinn and Finn are also on the cover of GQ. Others may have defended that Glee is indeed an adult show and not like high school musical, but the characters they were portraying were high school students! And whether we like it or not, some kids really do watch this show especially those who are musically inclined. So, I can't blame some parents to react because the show aims to reach out to viewers, even giving each show some moral values to the audience and now what have the stars did to their own show?

I might still watch Glee but I will never let my child see this show again. And that's what I call - Parental Guidance! (image source: click the pics)

Oct 20, 2010

Designer Sunglasses

Everywhere I go, I always bring with me my sunglasses. I find it hard to go out or drive when the sun is glaring. I want my eyes to be protected whenever I walk under the heat of the sun because it truly hurts my eyes. My sunglasses right now has a big frame and I like it this way since it also covers my brows and the lower part of the eye area. However, it's quite old already and even the scratches are very visible. I thought of buying a new one and perhaps I will go for a Designer Sunglasses. I found one design that would compliment the angle of my face, which is oval. I've seen it online and it's cute and classy. I might splurge on this one since I know I'll definitely use it apart from the protection it gives me. I haven't even bought a gift for myself so, perhaps this will be a Christmas gift for myself. Since I've tried Ray Ban sunglasses before but I might try Dolce and Gabbana this time. I think their design is chic and I wear use it anywhere I go.

Oct 14, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the movie that I can't wait to watch. I've been an avid reader of this J.K. Rowling books that I also look forward in watching the movie version. The last installment will be finally shown next month, however, they cut the movie into half. Well, at least I still have something to look forward to. As an avid reader, it's quite hard to part with this story who's main characters I came to love. Oh well, everything has an ending so I'd better live with it...

Oct 6, 2010

Income Tax Form

I used to work in an office before and I was under General Administrative Office working as a Personnel Assistant. I've to check our personnel's status, absences, tardiness, etc. and after everything is cleared, we forward our report to the Finance office because they need it especially during paying period. My officemate who was an account officer would sometimes tell me how tiresome her work was. She wished there was a program that would help her sort everything especially when she's preparing the payroll and the income tax form that need to be submitted immediately. As I was browsing at the net, I found one site that might be of help to my former co-worker. California Income Tax Form will surely help her in sorting out everything she needs. For the standard forms, everything's provided from employee's withholding allowance, employment eligibility verification, application for employer, direct deposit agreement, employee affidavit for the HIRE Act. And there was also Forms for the Client such as Bank Authorization Form, Check Signing Authorization Form, Direct Deposit General Terms and Conditions, Tax Deposit Frequency Authorization and Tax Information Authorization. I might tell her about it and she can present it to her department because I believe this would hasten their work and they will all benefit from it.

Oct 4, 2010

My Bloglist Is Missing Again!

If we have already exchanged link and you happen to view my blog today, I'm sorry if your name or blog's url is not there. Even I, myself, is shocked to find out just now! All of blogs in my bloglist is missing ;-( Apparently, this has happened 3x already and I don't know why. I'm not sure if the problem is my computer or my template or perhaps, something's fishy is just going on and I don't know what is that. So pardon me. Allow me to retrieve it or if I'm not able to put your blog back, especially if we have exchanged link, do inform me or leave a message/comment so that I can put your blog in my list again.

Pumpkin Carving 2010

It's already October and people are already looking forward for a Halloween celebration. Others thought of buying of their Halloween costume. Perhaps some of you are more interested in pumpkin carving. Yeah, it's really interesting to see other people's work of art. What we see commonly during Halloweens are pumpkins that has eyes and mouth. But there are some people who really go out of their way to make the pumpkin look like somebody famous. I heard that there's a contest of pumpkin carving out of Lady Gaga's image.. hmm, that would be interesting considering her various styles, it's gonna be quite challenging. So, what's in store for you during Halloween?

Oct 1, 2010

I Love Glee!

Have you watched Glee season 2 episode 2 lately? I've watched it and I still find it hilarious. Guest star was Britney Spears and most of her songs were sang in this episode. It was quite funny, though, to have the guys performed ala Britney but they gave justice, anyway, so everything just went perfectly fine. Sue was still the same old Sue but I like the way she portrayed her comical-villainous character. Her annoying, intimidating character adds life to the story. Anyway, Britney Spears may be the guest of this episode but she only appeared few times and her lines were short, only her songs were played mostly and sang by the Glee characters particularly Brittany.

If I may comment, Santana has a better voice than Brittany although the two can really sing well with good dance movements. I find Rachel's dancing to be awkward while she sang Baby, One More Time...and I kinda get annoyed with her big mouth. Perhaps because she used to be a Broadway singer where she had to exaggerated her pronunciation or singing whatever.

Overall, I love Glee and I can't wait for the next episode to be aired. The show reminded me of my Glee Club days, only, our voice instructor was strict and only wanted us to sing ballads or songs from the opera.

Sep 30, 2010 is a SCAM!

This is to inform everyone that is totally a SCAM. I apologize for referring this site to you but I just learned recently that this site does not exist at all! When you go to, all you see is all about movies online.
Whoever made this kind of bogus is a big asshole and I'm so stupid to fall to his/her trap. I always believe in Karma and I know one day, the creator of this bogus will simply pay for this.

Sep 29, 2010

I Love Smallville

I have mentioned in my previous post that I am a big fan of Smallville. I have watched all episodes from seasons 1 - 8. I am currently trying to finish season 9 so that I can watch season 10. Huh? Yeah, it took me a long time to finish season 9 because I got so busy and I had a hard time finishing it. But actually, one of the reasons was that I miss Kristen Kreuk's presence as the beautiful Lana Lang. Yeah, of course I have to understand that Superman ended up with Lois Lane. It's just that in Smallville, it was quite different. I've watched Clark and Lana's love story from the very start and how cute they look. They have a very strong chemistry and erasing Lana from Clark's life is quite difficult for me, too, hehehe. This is the only show that I never wanted Superman ends up with Lois, haha. Perhaps the actors played so well and I was so compelled with their acting.

Another thing that turns me off a little in season 9 was when Clark's best friend, Chloe, gained super powers (!). Come on, she was only CK's sidekick and now with this super-power thing where she can even decipher codes?! It was quite a joke--really. Thankfully, with Lana Lang out, the hunky Green Arrow/Oliver Queen's character was being stretched. He's so hot, hot hot! At least it gives light to the now --how do I call this -- almost boring show. And despite being a villain, I kinda miss Lex Luthor's presence. The actor who played as Lex was really good. The new villain, Tess Mercer, who replaced him was a far cry from his acting. I wish they will kill her at the end of season 9 but I guess it won't happen that way. Despite all this, I am still eager to finish the season and watch season 10 til it ends...

Sep 24, 2010

Katy Perry Pulled Out in Sesame Street

I found this video at yahoo and shared it here. Katy Perry should have appeared in one of the episodes of Sesame Street but parents were outraged when they saw the 2-1/2-minute appearance of Katy Perry. Parents were complaining on her provocative clothes she was wearing and they protested over it. Sesame Street is for kids, they say, but the producer said they were also targeting adult audience as well. But since they also listen to the parents' concern, they decided to pull out the video but can be viewed online. But they say that if we look closer, we can see that Katie Perry is using a skin-toned type of outfit. However, in my opinion, Perry's guesting was okay but she should have been made to wear a better and appropriate outfit, or at least, she could have worn something that would cover her chest. No matter what the producers say, Sesame Street is a show for kids. I've watched this show when I was small and my kids watch it now -- but I don't anymore.

Sep 23, 2010

Recreational Vehicle

Are you a person who's very busy that you can't stay in one place? I mean, are you task to go somewhere but you want your home and the comfort of your place to go with you? Maybe you thought of buying yourself and your family a recreational vehicle for camping or for adventure. I found on site online that offers rvs for sale that you might be interested in.

You might want to choose which of these category you're interested to purchase, from road-ready Class A motorhomes, family-focused travel trailers and Fifth Wheels, to extreme toy haulers and Luxury 5th Wheels. This site assures you to provide the recreational vehicle that is just right for you and your family. This dealer try their best, too, in meeting your expectation by providing you the comfort of your home.

To make sure, you can visit their site to see for detailed information and to choose the right vehicle for you! It's even great that they are on sale right now. They also offer internet specials so perhaps, you can purchase the vehicle for a discounted price. So, what are you waiting for?

Sleeping Is The Key

I woke up very early today but I feel energized. Unlike yesterday where I was so tired and felt so lifeless. I've been pondering over many things lately and sometimes, you thought of so many lowest point in your life that it bothers you a lot. Thankfully, last night, I've tried not to dwell on the negative things. Sleeping early was the key, too, as it help in washing or blocking away the painful memory. Now, as I woke up, I felt no such heavy baggage. I am looking forward for a positive thing as the day rises until I go to sleep again...

Sep 21, 2010

Window Blinds

We have plenty of windows in our new place and we really have to use plenty of curtains. In our dining area, there's also a decorative blocks with holes on it. Although it gives air to our house, we also lack a little privacy because we can be seen outside. Putting up a curtain won't look that good that we thought it's best if we use Window blinds. But we have to look in a store for the correct size of the blinds because we need something that it's high and wide in measurement. This time, I look at the internet and one site offered blinds with different specification and styles. There's a roller, roman, venetian, vertical and wooden kinds of blinds that I can choose from. What attract me most are their 50% off on their made to measure blinds and all their wooden blinds costs only half the price! They measure and install the blinds, I can also book a home visit, they have free samples and they deliver and also return because they are after of the customer satisfaction. If you're also interested, try to take a peek at their site and browse for their inspirational look on their blinds.

Life of a SAHM

I was trying to finish reading the books that I borrowed but I had a hard time doing so. I lack sleep. And when I had the urged to read it, I ended up getting drowsy and finally go to dreamland. I hope my friend will not mind it if it took me awhile to returned it to her. I easily get tired after taking care of my kids and our house since I don't have somebody to assist me at home. My baby is sometimes cranky that I've to take care of her first before anything else. My other kid is a grade schooler that needs to be assisted, too. Only when my kid went to school and my baby fell asleep do I find a leisure time to take care of the house, take a bath, blog and or the book. Life of a stay at home mom is really not that easy. It's a challenging one but tiresome also. But overall, it's a fulfilling one because I get to take care of my family especially my little ones...

Sep 18, 2010

Plastic Surgery

Beauty enhancement is good if it's put on good use. I mean it's good to take care of yourself to look good and if you thought that by improving how you look will make you any better, then why not? For others, it's a must after encountering some unfateful event that distorted the way they look and the only remedy is to undergo surgery. This decision is not really that easy for some. Because first of all, this is an invasive procedure and it involves needles to be injected plus the pain that one will be experiencing after the surgery is over. Medicines should be checked, too, to see if you don't have allergies. If you feel assured that you are in good hands, then perhaps everything will be alright. If you are currently looking for a reliable surgeon for a specific procedure, try Plastic Surgery of Austin. They cover step by step information about procedures, preparation before and after surgery, and photo galleries for different surgeries. You can go to their site for more detailed information and you can read the other people's testimony. You can discuss with them your worries and fears and things that you want them to do when you are decided to undergo plastic surgery.

Bad Card

Piece of advice, if you own a credit card, be responsible! That's what I kept on telling my husband. I told him not to over spend it because this brings a mess into our lives. We've been bickering about that before because he had 4 credit cards already, now, he's trying to cut out the other two and spend less about it. It can really bring trouble, you know because he will end up paying the cards every time he receive a bonus from his work. He has learn his lesson anyway and I'm now crossing my fingers that he won't be tempted to purchase another card. For me, it's the root of all evil especially if you don't know how to balance or wise enough to spend it. I'm glad I'm not the kind of wife that goes on a shopping spree like as if there's no tomorrow. I'm really trying hard to save and set aside money. I remember my late dad used to tell me to save my money for the rainy days. Now, I do understand it better.

Christmas Cards Online

Christmas is on the way. In three months time, it will be December. Christmas is the time for gift giving and sending cards. Of course, it's also the time for sharing what you have and bringing peace to everyone. As early as now, I'm already planning on what I should do during Christmas. In my to-do-list, I've checked the names of my godsons and goddaughters and what I will buy for them. I'm not thinking of anything expensive, just enough to let them know they are remembered. I've to send cards to my relatives and friends, too, to let them know they are in my thoughts. But thinking about the post office, it's discouraging to know that they are usually delayed in delivering my cards. Sometimes, it's not even sent! So, I thought of browsing over the net and I found one site that designs Christmas cards or personalized Christmas cards and even has custom photo business Christmas cards. If you're interested to know more, click here and find it for yourself. I think it's more of an advantage to purchase from them because it's guaranteed that my cards will be received by the addressee. And I get the chance to send them the cards the way I want to see it.

Facebook Shoutouts

I kinda like facebook. I was able to connect with my long lost friends in this social network and get updated with their lives. Everything's there, too. I can chat or exchange ideas with them, there's also lots of application available that others can enjoy playing during their monotonous moment (although I don't know any games) and I can see some pictures of my friends that I want to see, too. However, there are some people spilling their dirty linens at the site. Some were bickering because the shoutout that they posted were offensive. I think that's one of the downside that I don't like to know or read... I admit it may be interesting to read but in the end it got me to think that their posts won't do any good. I try not to post a comment, too, as not to encourage them or give any unsolicited advice. I hope these people would think of other good things to do than looking for trouble. I find others pathetic in telling the whole world the problem of their spouse. Things like that are private because in the end, you're still the loser and the laughing stock - that's my opinion. I hope people having account in any social network should be responsible enough to post anything in their wall because that's for their own good anyway...

Sep 17, 2010

Unique Bath and Body Scents

I always wanted to feel fresh and smooth all over my body especially after I took a bath or wash my body. Caring for our skin is important because this is our first line of defense. Good skin enhances beauty, too. And do you think people will like you if you smell bad? If you're looking for a unique bath and body scents, there's a site that I will recommend you to go. This site's product has discounted bath and body products including body spray. When I browsed, I could not believe that my favorite products from Jessica McClintock are being offered. I've been using their perfume a long time ago and I really love it! Now, I wish to purchase their body lotion and body wash gel. It's currently discounted and I think it won't hurt if I'll buy these for myself. If you want to know more about these items, try visiting their site and learn for more. But as I've experienced using Jessica McClintock lotion and perfume, I'll assure you that you will never regret after you buy these products from them.

So Hot!

Right now, I wish it will rain hard. The weather's so hot that my head's aching! I want to take a nap but I can't because even the foam in my bed is warm. I've been trying to turn on our aircon but it can't help. I guess we need to upgrade it or buy a new one coz the coolness won't work anymore. Even skin reacted coz I'm having goose bumps not because it's cold but because of the arid environment and my daughter's coughing already. I can't wait for the evening to come. I even wish for a heavy rain to pour just to calm my body. Hope this will be over...

Modern Furniture

We've been scouting for a bed 2 months ago. Our other room has no bed yet and we thought of putting a pull-out bed for our kids. We went to several stores or bed makers to look for the design that we like. We also took the opportunity in canvassing other furniture that we will add to our bed room and living room. We've seen great designs but we were also after of the quality. It's important to buy things that are durable and will last for a lifetime. I also browsed the net and I found lots of great Modern Furniture in this particular site. They offer contemporary designs, European, Italian and retro furniture that will really look good in our place. We can buy online for things needed in our bathroom, bedroom, dining room, family and living area, kitchen, office and even furniture for the kids. If you are interested of their products, I suggest that you visit their site to see for yourself and to know more about the details. I'm sure you won't regret when you decide to purchase furniture from them!

Sep 16, 2010

About Anesthesiologist

I've had had surgeries before and it's really important that we are being cared of by a qualified doctor or a doctor with good reputation. Not only surgeons but the anesthesiologists as well. And although I am now a stay at home mom, I used to work at the hospital particularly at the operating room. I've known and seen a lot of anesthesiologist, experienced and neophytes. And it's really important that these doctors know what lumbar area or number they are going to puncture or the patient might get paralyzed if they are neglectful and not being careful. If you want to be referred to an experienced doctor, Wade Grindle MD is the doctor that I have found online. He is an anesthesiologist that administers for pain relief during procedure, surgical or non-surgical. He is located at Racho Mirage, California. You can set an appointment with him or contact him at his telephone number. Before your procedure, you can discuss matters with him or tell him about your concern. It's best to be sure that you're in good hands in any procedure that you'll undergo especially if it involves puncturing. Visit his site for more information and details.

Taylor Swift Mania

It's been a year ago that Taylor Swift was lambasted by Kanye West on the stage at the MTV award. Eversince, West was not forgiven by the fans and other people who watched the show for his arrogance, ignorance and bad manners even though he asked for an apology many times.

In his blog, West said that he has paid his price very well because advertisers closed on him, he had low sales tickets for his concert that he decided to cancel it and he was not able to renew his contract to the company of the product that he endorses. He was indeed a sore loser last year that even Barack Obama (they say) was heard calling him a jackass. Well, I guess he really paid the price the hard way. As for Taylor Swift? Well, she's been enjoying the success of her album, concerts and tours everywhere. She gained a lot of followers (that includes me) and her popularity is unstoppable. She's even seen at the movie and has released new songs, too. So, way to go Taylor!

Sep 14, 2010

Meet The Veggies

I'm not really a vegetarian but I love to eat veggies especially the green leafy vegetables. I love to eat it with soup or make it as a salad. It's nutritious, too, and has lots of vitamins. But there are some people I know who are purely vegetarian. Sometimes, it's hard for me to believe that they really survive eating only those kinds of foods. Perhaps one of you out there is a vegetarian and wanted to know or share to others about your experience. You might be a single fella and wanted to meet somebody who is compatible with your likes. Would it be nice to have someone to share your likes, hobbies and discuss a topic that the other line can comprehend? That's why they make vegetarian dating online so that it's easy for you to look and find a person who is a lot more like you. If you're interested, all you have to do is sign up with them. Registration is for free and once you're done, you can browse the members' profiles and their pictures. This site helps you find someone who is best suited for your interest and perhaps gain a lifetime partner in there, too. If you're a veggie, try visiting their site now!

Sep 12, 2010

World Trade Center (9/11)

It was 9 years ago that this terrible incident happened at New York City. Almost everybody watched with horror and full of anguished as the great World Trade Center collapsed to the ground. It was horrible, too, that planes has to crushed to destroy the building and plenty of innocent lives were burned, buried and died.

I remember watching this via CNN and how this gave me goosebumps. I was not able to sleep well at night and thought of the many lives that died and horrified they must have been seeing and experiencing the worst nightmare in their lives. Not only was the WTC was crushed that day as another plane tempted to land the the pentagon and the other one was destroyed before it could reach the white house. Those people on the plane sacrificed themselves to save others... how sad...

Now, let us commemorate and honor this day to all victims of 9/11 attack. Let us also pray that the family of the victims that they have moved on and know that a lot of people are praying for the family members that they've lost and missed. We also honor those who survived but lost parts of their body or left them miserable from the experience. And most of all, we pray for peace and love for all countries and let hatred be gone from their hearts. (click image for source)

Senior Relationships

If we thought middle aged people won't feel lonely, they do! In fact, companionship is very important to them. But there are those that are just content with their lives, being alone or enjoy the company of their kids without their other half to take care of. Many senior people are already widowed or a widower but some remain to be single but is happy to have friends around. Since most of their kids are already grown ups and have their own lives, some wanted to have a life on their own that they also wanted to enjoy. If you're a senior and is looking for friendship or even establishing a relationship online, then there's senior match canada dating for you. It is the premiere free online dating service that connects single men and women with other like minded people and even seniors would love to join. The registration is for free so you don't have to fret about it. Apart from dating online, you can also make friends with other members. Once you signed up with them, you can start browsing the members' profiles, see their pictures and send messages. So to all lonely seniors out there, why don't you try this?

Lazy Sunday

Today is a lazy Sunday :-) We woke up late and ate our breakfast late. This is just for today because tomorrow it's already Monday and everything's back to reality. I've to wake up early to prepare breakfast for my daughter before she goes to school, and for my husband before he reports to his office. This morning, we watch one episode of Glee and we had a good time.

This afternoon, I guess I'll be updating my blogs or check on my facebook. If I will not be too tired, I guess I will read another novel that I borrowed from my friend. Well, I hope you have a great Sunday, too!

Sep 10, 2010

Looking For Love?

Are you currently single and looking for a partner in life? If you are Asian or looking for an Asian companion, you can visit their site to look for asian brides. In this site, you can find Asian women for dating, love and marriage. I knew a lot of couples who met thru dating online. So far, they have settled down and seem happy with the outcome of their marriage. I'm not saying that only thru networking where you can find the perfect groom or bride. Just like any other couple, you have to know each other, know your likes to see if you are compatible even thru the net. This site guarantees that Asian singles is the best free online dating service that helps single Asian men and women meet other singles. Their registration is for free and once you sign up, you can start exploring profiles, browse the members' pictures and connect for your prospect and who knows, you might met someone who is looking the likes of you! You can also look for friendship in there, too, if you feel you're alone and needs someone to talk to. I wish all the members of this site luck and I wish you all find your true love in there.

Looking For Luck...

Just went to one of the advertiser's sight and was hoping to get an opp. So many were offered but all of them were not available! Why was I so slow? I could have earned a few bucks from it...sigh...
I just hope it will be made available for me later. I love to blog and write anything under the sun but I must admit that I also want to earn, too. Especially that I am a stay at home mom, it would be great to look and earn for a living to help our expenses at home. Well, I hope to wish myself luck later....

Sep 3, 2010

Yummy Dog Snacks

My two brothers have pet dogs in their house and it was only me who don't have it. But that was before we transfer to a new place. Now that our house is bigger than before, we decided to get a pup as our pet and to help guard our house, too. Our dog is a Labrador and even though she's only 4 months old, she really guards our home well. We feed her well, too, but we made sure not to overfeed her because she might be sleepy and lazy with a full stomach. We thought of a good dog snacks with nice flavor and has nutrition, too. Dogs should be treated well to stay healthy because how can they protect their owner if they are too weak to bark? They are our best friend, too, so we must really take good care on them. What I found online was a good dog snacks from Cesar canine cuisine. They offer great cuisine and treat such as filet magnon flavor, chicken grilled flavor and prime rib flavor. These treats are very nutritious that your dog will really stay healthy and happy! If you want to know more about dog snack, try visiting the site that I've browsed. You can sign up with them and even save $1 treat on snacks.

Split Second

Oh, what a crap. I was waiting for some opportunities to catch and I'm kinda late so some offers were already closed. I didn't notice. But it's good that I was able to get a couple of it but I still regret why I was not able to get the other one with the bigger price. I was kinda late only for a split second. Anyways, I just hope to be lucky next time...

Cheap Postcards Online

Now that it's already September, I've been contemplating on what to do on Christmas. Well, Christmas is fast approaching, right? So, at this early, I am thinking of writing and giving postcards to my friends around the corner and across the globe. And it's just timely I've read cheap postcards online. They offer high quality postcard printing and mailing, so, this means less hassle on my part. Because if I go to the post office to mail my cards, I'm pretty sure it will take a lot of time, weeks or perhaps a month for my card to be received by the addressee. With cheap postcard online, my card will be received exactly on time. What they offer are full color postcards with high quality and great value, variable data printing, guaranteed customer satisfaction and great customer service, quick processing services with free mailing! You can also choose the kind of card that you want, be it a greeting card, etc. This online site surely saves our money and time. Don't you think this offer is great?! I'd better try it now! To check for more details, visit their site now.

Sep 1, 2010

No Connection

Our internet connection was down for several days and that really pissed me off. It's usually thru the net that I read news and updates of what's going on around our country and the world. I'm a kind of person who doesn't watch much on TV but would love to know some issues thru the net. It's more current and detailed but with our connection not fixed by our internet provider right away turned me quite agitated. Of course I've to check my updates, too, in my social network and I've been missing in action for almost a week. Anyway, glad it's back right now. We really demanded that they fixed it and the internet provider apologized and promised us for an adjustment in our billing - ha! They'd better mark their word. Well, today's another day and here I am already blogging what's on my mind and I feel good about it. I guess that's all that matters for now...

Aug 31, 2010

Rustic Furniture

When we transferred to our new place, we have so many things to consider. We must transfer our things and leave the others that we don't quite need anymore. And how I spent a lot of time sorting those items! Then, we need to replace our old things with a new one. Of course, we need to buy products with good quality and affordable, too. Plus we need to match the color of the walls or cabinets to make our place look good if not better. As of now, things are almost okay in our place but we still need a few more things to beautify our living room and bedroom. And it was so timely that I happen to browse the net and saw great rustic furniture online. Their products are perfect to look at our rooms. The woods that they used show natural beauty that gives us a comforting feeling when we use them. When you go to their site, you can choose different kinds of furniture that may be of great use at your home, your office or wherever you want it to be. Their set of rustic kitchen furniture is even great and dainty to look at. So, if you're scouting for great furniture, I suggest to go to their site and look for their awesome product!

Aug 24, 2010

Miss Universe 20101

And the winner is.... Miss Mexico! Congratulations to Miss Mexico's Jimena Navarrette for coveting the Miss Universe crown. 83 candidates were vying for the title but only one lucky lady will win.

1st runner-up went to Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps, 2nd runner-up went to Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell, 3rd runner-up went to Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska and 4th runner-up went to Miss Philippines Venus Raj.

To all the winners...Congratulations! And to all the candidate who did not make it to the top finalist, there's still next time but I would like to congratulate you, too, for a job well done! You all did your best but since beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, we can never argue on that. Anyways, I wish you all the best most especially to the winners and good luck on your endeavors! (image source:

Aug 19, 2010

Salmonella Symptoms

I love to eat scrambled egg, sunny-side up or hard boiled egg matched with bacon or hotdog especially at breakfast with coffee on the other side. Egg is high source of protein, choline, iron and a lot more. But take note, egg should be cooked well. Otherwise, this poultry product can give us salmonella.

Salmonella poisoning can result in gastroenteritis or severe stomach illness. Sometimes, it results to typhoid fever which can be very painful. If symptoms persist, you need to see a doctor right away.

It is best to cook your food, not only egg, well. Any undercooked product can result to illness and this usually happens to developing countries as they mostly love to eat raw food. Remember that Salmonella can kill if you go on with this illness without proper medication. So, if detected earlier, it's best for you to your nearest hospital and be properly evaluated by the qualified health provider.

--> Let's take a clearer look on the egg

Article Alley

A lot of us wanted to write an article that we hope will be read by some viewers. Blogging is one way of writing a story about yourself or anything that you would like to share. You can also write your own opinion or reviews about a certain article. But if you wish to gain more viewers about what you write, Article Alley is there to help you. In this site, all you have to do is submit your articles or you can even find free articles from them. They also allow authors or promoters get articles from their site. You can register for free at article alley and then you can just write a unique but quality article and submit it to them. When I browsed at their site, I find different but interesting articles to read and you can also search from them the article that you want to find. They really are helpful because you can find varieties of topics from shopping, finance, business, SEO, computer software, health and fitness, news and society, site promotion, fashion, career, automotive and a lot more! What is important when you join their site is to comply their guidelines and it won't be long enough until your article appears live in their database. So, why don't we try it?

Aug 17, 2010

Miss Universe 2010

Who do you think will be crowned Miss Universe on August 23, 2010? If you ask me, I have no idea. I love watching beauty pageant on TV, if I have time, and most of the girls presented were pretty and witty. I can only have my bets during the coronation night but as of this early, I cannot comment. Miss Universe is a prestigious beauty contest. For this year, the pageant will be held at the Mandalay Bay Events, Las Vegas. To all the candidates, good luck to you and congrats to the winner! (click picture for image source)

Aug 10, 2010

Qualified Mobility Dealers

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have an elderly family member or a loved one with disability? Sometimes, these people deserve to have a break. They want to go out and have fun either at the mall or just go out sightseeing in nature. But before we allow them to do so, we must consider first and foremost their safety. It's best to take that extra precaution so that we don't add insult to injury. Have you ever heard about NMEDA? They are a group of professionals or an association of mobility dealers, manufacturers and rehabilitation that promote safety. These vehicles are reliable and are modified to enhance accessibility for all people. As people are unique, it is imperative to get an equipment, a wheelchair for example, that is best suited or designed for a specific individual. It can be customized for the person's specific lifestyle and needs. NMEDA can even provide qualified personnel to train or assist you should you need one. One of their main goals is to help disabled people get back on the road to independence.

NMEDA also has a Quality Assurance Program, or QAP, that is recognized nationally for its accreditation program for the adaptive mobility equipment industry. Its principle is based on consistent customers satisfaction and must have a systematic and documented approach to quality in companies. NMEDA does not sell anything but it is a non-profit trade association wherein they educate consumers on buying products from a qualified dealer.

If you're interested, you can visit and on their homepage, hit the dealers locator and type in your ZIP code and see if there is a qualified dealer near to your place. You are also free to leave a comment there.

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

Aug 6, 2010

Emma Watson's New Look

I love Emma Watson's old hairstyle but I guess she was just tired and wanted to have a new and fresher look so she bravely cut off her famous locks and sported a new shorter 'do.

My daughter who loves her as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter series was taken by surprise when she saw her picture displayed on the net today.

But I do understand Emma. As much as I love her old look, I see that she wanted to try something she hadn't tried before. Anyway, she still look charming, isn't she?

This is what Emma wrote in her facebook account: "Dear all. Cut my hair off a few days ago... Feels incredible. I love it. I've wanted to do this for years and years; it's the most liberating thing ever. Hope you like. Big love from Emma x".......So, let's just be happy as well ;-)

(image source: click the pic)

Aug 4, 2010

Wednesday Blues...

I'm in one of my moods again today. I was in deep reflection earlier today and can't help but pity myself a little. I know I chose the path where I am and where I stand today. If I want to change the course of my direction, I know it's up to me to direct the sail. I should not rely to others or rely on prayers to be answered unless I do something to make it happen. Problem is, I can't do it. I guess I am too weak to do it. And there's always something that holds me back - my kids, my family. They are my main reason that I can't do things I wish to do right away. There are so many dreams, plans and hopes that I wish could happen to me but deep inside me, my heart knows who should come first. I guess, perhaps, this is the reason I can't attain the goal that I tried to achieve. So I guess I will sacrifice myself to prioritize my family. I will sacrifice my profession, my plans and goals to be with my family. I have to admit I sometimes envy others, having a family with a great career. I seldom asked, 'why can't I do it also?'. However, life is different for me and to others. Now, I tried my best not to look at other people's success or life because I also don't know about the problems they encounter. The best thing for me to do now is to accept, be content and perhaps love myself...

Jul 29, 2010

Chelsea Clinton Wedding

Chelsea Clinton, former US President Bill Clinton's daughter, is finally set to marry this weekend, report says. She is to marry investment banker Marc Mezvinsky at a 50-acre estate along the Hudson River. The view of the mountains will serve as a distant backdrop.

Details of the 30 year old bride is not anymore determined, as some thought that the Clintons want to make the event private as necessary. Even guests were just hearsays like Barbara Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Ted Turner, former Clinton adviser Harold Ickes and former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe. Take note that even President Obama was not included in the list. But he was quick to say that perhaps "Hillary and Bill, properly, want to keep this thing for Chelsea and her soon-to-be husband."

Anyways, let's just all be happy for Chelsea for finally settling down. It's her business who to invite and if she wants privacy, she deserve it, it's her right, get it? Well, even if she won't read my blog, I just want to say: Congratulations, Chelsea!

Vampire Sucks

I'm a big fan of Twilight Book & Movie. Just yesterday, I saw the spoof version of the film. I know it's quite corny and over acting but I just can't help laughing to some of the scenes. I know this movie, Vampire Sucks, was done in bad taste but that's the purpose of spoof, right? Besides, there's no harm in watching a show that will make you laugh once in awhile. I'd rather watch this than watch a horrible horror show -- that, I can't take, hehe.

Enjoy and be disgusted to the trailer of Vampire Sucks ;-)

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Happy Earning!!

Jul 24, 2010


Another movie that I am looking forward to watch is the Angelina Jolie-starrer, Salt. If it's an action film, I'm in for it, no doubt! I'm not really a big fan of Angie and I don't hate her either. I just love some of her films especially if it's an action-thriller movie. Her personality is so strong, too, that her portrayal is very much convincing. Right now, Salt is being shown in North America and I feel this movie will fare well in theaters.

Jolie plays a fugitive in this film after she's being accused of being a KGB agent. I've learned also that initially, the movie film outfit considered to get Tom Cruise to play the lead part but totally changed the script when it was replaced by Jolie.

Well, if the story is great combined with good casting and performance, I expect this film to be another blockbuster on Jolie's film... (click picture for image source)

Natalie Portman as the Black Swan

One of the young actresses that I really admire these days is Natalie Portman. For me, she's brilliant, so, it's no question why she is being tagged today as the future Jodie Foster as her acting has substance and not just Hollywood's some pretty faces. I first saw her as the young sweeper or protege of Leon the professional. At that age, she was already noticed by the film critics and people for her fine performance. I've seen her several movies as she grew up like Starwars, where she played as Queen Amidala. She even had her hair shaved in V for Vendetta because she wanted to internalize and be believable for the role that she played. Her acting was very convincing in The Other Boleyn Girl even though I hate the outcome of that movie. Her latest film that I am looking forward to watch is the Black Swan where she portray the role of a ballerina. Knowing Portman, she love to play a role that is unique. I guess her character in here is a little bit rebellious... well, that's as far as I know. One thing is for sure, I'm gonna watch her show. (click the picture for image source)

Jul 22, 2010

Withdrawal Ease

A lot of people are into prescription drugs these days for several reasons. And most of them have a hard time of letting go with these medications for they are already dependent to these pain killers. Some, sad to say, abused in using it and when the time comes for them to let go, it's hard for them to do so, thus, they are advise to seek for professional help or for rehabilitation. But what I found online was Suboxone Withdrawal where it helps people with withdrawal syndrome recover. Their famous tag line is taking Withdrawal-Ease is the first step towards recovery. Aside from the fact that this is effective, this is also affordable and people is assured that their road to recovery is more comfortable.

If you're interested with the product, each order you will purchase includes a 30 day supply of both day and night time formulation. And if you order from their site, there will be free shipping via priority mail plus 50 page survival guide. You can also access free online to the guide with every purchase. And for more details, I suggest you visit their site to learn more about their product.

Jul 19, 2010

Movies To Watch

I have not seen a movie for quite sometime and I've thought of having a movie marathon every weekend. I have not seen the movie of my favorite Stephenie Meyer book yet, Eclipse, and I've thought of watching Inception or Sorcerer's Apprentice. Oh, I've heard and read thru the net that the latter flops in and former made it to box office. Whatever, it's my choice and opinion that counts. I've seen great movies that flops and no sense movies that made number one the box office. Perhaps, they lack promotion or there might be some reason behind it. I might start watching next week or if not, I'll just rent a DVD or check for some online sites where I can download some of the movies I missed to watch.

Up And About

Whew! It's more than a week and I have not posted any. I underwent a major a operation but now I'm fine. I just need some more rest, though, for my fast recovery. I get better everyday and the incision is almost painless. So, now, I'm back again to blogging. I have to update myself what's going on on the net, too, and fill myself in with the things I missed. I've got plenty of emails that were not yet opened and I need to reply to some of them. Even in my social networks, I've plenty of messages that I have just read. Well, I'm back to business now. Important thing is that I am now okay =)

Jul 8, 2010

Bed and Breakfast in Brighton

Every year, my hubby and I always plan to take a vacation with our kid or even with some members of our family. It is good to unwind and relax especially on my husband's part. I think it's good for him to take a break once in awhile after all the stress from work. We also see to it that our daughter don't have a class, too. Soon, there will be an added member to our family, so, I guess either late this year or next year, we will have our much needed break. If we can't go somewhere far, we might stay in a nice hotel nearby. It would have been great if we also have in here bed and breakfast Brighton, where it is relaxed and unfussy, with the trimmings of a lifestyle hotel, and just like visiting to one of our friends' home.

Oriental Brighton offers what you almost wanted. Whether you want a weekend break, a midweek holiday, or a venue for your quarterly business strategy meeting, they have the right ambiance, the know-how and a great team to make your stay a special and memorable one! If you want to make reservations and know the details of their accommodations, do visit their site now!

Jul 6, 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Another movie that I am looking forward to watch. I know November is still very far away but I am such a big fan of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books that I can't wait for this movie to be shown. Actually, the video below is the first part of book 7, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. The second part will be shown next year. I would love to watch them at once but since the story was too long and the director, producers don't want to alter or remove important part of the story, thus, the parts 1 & 2. I will not complain about that anymore because I also wanted the movie version to give justice to the book. Enjoy watching the video below ;-)

Jun 30, 2010

Bedroom Nightstand

We just moved to a new place 6 months ago and I still lack plenty of things to put in our living room and most especially in our bedroom. I have yet to buy a sturdy bedroom nightstand for I find it necessary for me to use. Some of my things were scattered everywhere and some were just placed inside my dresser to lessen the mess in our room. But having a nightstand would help put some of my things in order. I can put our lampshade properly and my cellphone is within reach, too. If I want to read a book, I can easily put it aside me by placing it at the nightstand and that includes my snacks, too. It's good that when I browsed at the net, I found several bedroom nightstand that I know would perfectly fit on my bed. This site has rustic and western type of furniture that I'm sure it will last a lifetime. They offered not just bedroom nightstand but also bed, decorative mirrors, TV entertainment centers, country style sofas, and a lot more! If you're also interested to know about their product, try to visit their site to learn for more!

Jun 27, 2010

Windows Web Hosting

Interested about web hosting? Well, there's one site that I highly recommend for you. I happened to browse about it over the net and this windows web hosting is one of the top companies that universally used windows hosting. As I've mentioned before, I'm not actually so familiar about web hosting but this site allows me to understand its concept. And to find more information about them, you can visit their site and see how their hosting providers presented in their rating. They also offer various plan features, promotions, and bonus coupons. What's great, too, is that this site provides host ratings coming from real and unedited customer reviews and clients’ satisfaction to prove to you their credibility. And what's more is that they are affordable, reliable with up time and great technical support. So, if you're decided about web hosting, I suggest you go over their site and you will know what I am talking about! Or if you're not yet sure, just visit them and read their guide on how to pick a good web hosting provider. Try it now!

I Wanna Stay Healthy!

My cough is better compared a couple of days ago. However, I still find it disturbing. I hated it when my throat becomes itchy and can't help but cough during meal times. If I can't control it, I might puke my food and that would be a waste --- and eeky, too! Although I already have a medicine to calm me down, I think the water and a hot lemonade juice have a much bigger contribution that aids in lowering down my coughing episodes. When I sleep at night, I made sure I have my water readily available beside me. But the disadvantage is, I kept urinating at night and it really disturbs my beautiful sleep. I could only hope that I will regain my best health by tomorrow...