Nov 30, 2010

Lucky By Sam and Quinn

Have you seen this portion on Glee? I agree with Santana that this couple is freakin' charming. I've been watching Glee and how I came to like this show. But there are just some scenes that are not suitable for the kids to see. Anyway, about this song, the title is Lucky and it was originally sang by Colbie Calliat and Jason Mraz. But I came to like the version of Sam and Quinn. They looked cute and they really sang it nicely. Here's the video for you to see if you missed this episode or if you don't watch this show at all ;-)

Nov 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! This is the time to thank God for the great blessings and abundance He provided for the country. This day don't only pertains to one nation but all countries in the world. Each and everyone must try and stop for awhile to thank this day. This the day that we should remember what our country has done for us. Let us at least be grateful even just for this day ;-)

Nov 24, 2010

Irritating Neighbor

Our neighbor is starting to irritate me. Although we live less than a year in our place, neighbors should at least respect our property. This rich neighbor of ours are so used to place their garbage in our area and they really have the nerve to just leave it there! WT-H! Are they so used in stepping somebody else's shoes? I don't give a damn if they're a relative or not. The mere fact that this is our property already and we obviously have a borderline, I don't think they have every right to just put their trash in our area. They should be embarrassed but it seems that they're so thick they won't even bother to think about it. If I can't take it any longer or if I can't control my temper anymore, they will really have a word from me. Their cleaning boys and ladies are stupid enough to follow orders from their boss and this annoys me so much!

Nov 23, 2010

William And Kate To Wed On April 29!

Whoa! So Prince William and Kate Middleton will tie a knot on the 29th of April! It was mentioned that the engaged couple wanted a spring wedding and now they finally reveal the exact date. They also chose Westminster Abbey as the place for their wedding, and where the late Princess Diana's funeral was held. The Prince's uncles and aunt were also married in there but sadly all of them ended up in divorce. Although not yet officially married, many people hope that their marriage will last a lifetime.

April 29, 2011, Friday, will be made a public holiday according to their government. Wow, I bet most if not all people in England will celebrate the union of the Prince and his future Princess. And oh, have you seen Kate's engagement ring? It was once owned by Princess Diana, given to her by Prince Charles as an engagement ring. It's an oval shaped blue sapphire with diamonds surrounding it. Don't you think how lucky Kate is? I really wish this couple well and be looking forward on the 29th day of April ;-) (Picture courtesy of

Nov 20, 2010

Eva Longoria Divorced Player Hubby

What's not surprising to Hollywood stars these days are when they decided to get married and divorced in a short span of time. Seriously, it's considered a miracle if they survived 10 years as husband and wife. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who were once tagged as power couple, had their marriage lasted for 11 years and that was already a miracle (Katie Holmes, bite your tongue)! Recently, Eva Longoria's split with hubby Tony Parker was all over the net. I even had a magazine about them when they tied the knot 3 years ago. It was an extravagant affair and everybody seemed happy. But a few months later, I remember a news about Eva's hubby having an affair resurfaced. Eva stood by her man. But what's this news recently that her hubby's actually having an affair of his teammate's wife?! Bah!!! Such a bad ass! And this news was just like normal for everybody. Aren't they embarrassed of that these adulterers doing? I know it takes two to tango but still I pity Eva as she's the abused part in this scenario. After defending and stood by her man, perhaps she finally woke up and got fed up that even though it broke her heart, she must let him go. I hope Eva will have her sweet revenge soon, how's that? ;-)

Nov 19, 2010

Scrub Nurse

I am a nurse and I was once assigned as a scrub or circulating nurse at the Operating Room. It was also mandatory for us to wear our nursing scrubs because this served as our uniform but this cannot be worn outside the OR area.

But I made sure that I'll be comfortable enough in wearing our scrub suit. The mere fact that we were to assist the surgeons during operation, it's best to wear a scrub clothing that is just right for my size with good quality. Besides, we have to consider the patients, too, who we often assisted and if we wore something rough or itchy, I'm afraid it might affect them. Good thing that I knew somebody who sells cheap but good nursing scrub suits.

Nov 17, 2010

Screw You!

I'm tired, drained, annoyed, irritated and I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs!!! I am just too tired today...actually, for several days (or weeks?) already. I've been doing a lot of chores and been taking care of my kids 24/7, and that includes my husband, too! It would've been okay but I've a baby who is sometimes cranky and wanted to be carried for such a long time. And that's what happen today. Sometimes, my baby is easy to manage but not today. I've been carrying her several times for about 30-45 minutes and that made all my energy drained...

But what got me irritated the most was my cleaning lady who did not return yet to do her chores. The mere fact that she borrowed money from me made me quite mad to think of it. She promised to be back but I've never heard of her for almost 3weeks already. I sent her a message about her absences and that she should come back to work in order to pay for her debt. A promise is a promise and I swear she won't try to owe me again as she would get nothing no matter how much she needs it if she will not pay. Under normal circumstances, I don't ask for payment right away especially if the person could be trusted or has a good reputation. But with her? I only pitied her because of what happened to her daughter. But if you ask me how good she is in cleaning? Nah! I bet she won't even pass your standard. Perhaps I'm this vindictive. It's just that I don't want to be toyed at anymore. I'm tired, I'm weary and I'm definitely fed up with this kind of game! Screaaaaaaammm!!!!

Nov 14, 2010

Leave Some Privacy

Just visited my Facebook account. I love this social network as I can reach out and search for my long lost friends..and they can find me there, too. It's nice to update one another and where we are right now. For some, they made it as their venue for business. Hmmm, quite risky for me to do it. Perhaps one of these days, there will be tax payment online..

But what I don't like to see in Facebook is when people use it to bicker or backbite others. I can't help but read it as it is the first thing I see everytime I opened my account. And what I hated the most is when a couple announced their dirty linens at home. Should they make it more private? Should they really share it for everybody to read and comment? That's why I don't waste my time leaving comments on their shoutouts because I find it so obnoxious and intruding and I don't want to side with anybody. I just hope these people leave some privacy on their lives. What they do is just telling everybody what kind of person they are. It reflects their personality. I guess it's really better for them to just keep quite and leave some reservations for themselves.

Pacquiao Wins Again!

As I've said in my previous post that I'll bet on Manny Pacquiao. Now, he's won the fight over the Mexican Margarito. Actually, a lot of people already predicted his winning on this bout and so they were right. Margarito already got weak during the 6th-7th round yet he still finished the fight up to the 12th round. But Paquaio still has a lot of energy and looks unmoved. I guess this man has studied his opponent's move so well that he knew Margarito's weak points. So, congratulations again, Pacman! I wonder when will he ever get tired of this sport? :)

Nov 13, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Finally, the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the movie will be shown in theaters on November 19, 2010. I'm so excited to see the movie version and I'll be looking forward for the 2nd and final part of this J.K. Rowling series. As a fan of this book, I will surely miss the story of this young wizard and his friends. As to Ms. Rowling, she will always be one of my favorite authors. She's a good storyteller and I hope she will make another book as exciting as Harry Potter.

Movie version may came out differently from the book but as I said, since I am a fan of this book, I don't mind watching the movie version. As long as the substance is still there it won't matter. So, HP fans all over the world, let's see each other in theaters... I even plan to download it so that I can watch it all over again if I feel melancholic on this young wizard. Accio theater house!!!

Pacquiao Vs. Margarito

Now, are you ready for Pacquiao-Margarito bout this coming Saturday, November 13, 2010? And who's your bet? I'm in for Pacquiao of course! But everyone has its own candidate so let's just wish ourselves luck ;-) Actually, I'm not that a big fan of boxing but my hubby is. The event will be held at Cowboy Dallas, Texas and I guess people from the Philippines and Mexico will stop for awhile to watch and support their fellowman. Well, since boxing is a sport, I hope supporters will be sports enough to accept victory and most especially, defeat from their bets.

Oh well, let's just wait and see for the result. And I say, Go Pacman!

Nov 11, 2010

I Won't Be There

I just hope some people will be a little bit sensitive. You see, I value friendship and whatever that is entrusted to me will be treasured always. I always offer my ear when they wanted something to tell me. In short, I'm ready to help. The only thing that I cannot give right away is when it comes to money matters unless I have some because I don't have that much.

What I'm telling here actually is when it's my turn to ask for a person's time to hear my woes, I can't find them. Or, it turned out that they are on their own, minding their world. Worst, they've done things that I am not included. That, I despised and I always think of a payback time. I've helped some of them, even wasting my time to help them and look for ways that they won't be in so much trouble anymore. Now, I've learned several things. I plan to play it safe next time. Perhaps I'll mind my own business without including those people who are taking my advantage. I am this sensitive and I hope those people will get what they deserve next time. And if worst will come to them, I won't be there.

Nov 4, 2010

I Want A New Bed!

Right now, I wanted so badly to have new bedroom sets because we have a lot of things that are not properly kept. I even wanted to add a new set of bed, too, because my kids sleep together with us at the master's bedroom. They are still very young so they joined us in one room but we don't fit in one bed anymore. Apart from that, I have plenty of valuables that I want to keep it in our bedroom but it's taking up the space. And I happen to browse at the net that provides everything that I need. It has all the intricate details and designs that I so long wanted. It perfectly matches the wooden floor and cabinets in our bedroom and it is good to look at the corner of our bedroom, too. I hope I'd be able to purchase this cheaply online as I badly wanted to have it right now. If you're interested, I suggest you visit their site and see for yourself. I guarantee you that they really offer good products and with good quality, too!

Nov 3, 2010

All In A Day's Work

I'm not in good mood today. I am so tired with all the household chores. I asked a cleaning lady to come today and do the rest of the job but she did not arrive. But the previous day she also borrowed money from me. I was just hoping she will work on her debt. After all a day's work, my back ached and so is my head. I took a pain reliever already but the pain is still there. So much for broken promises. Anyway, I intend to have a good rest tomorrow. I hope it won't be a bad day...

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