Jul 29, 2010

Chelsea Clinton Wedding

Chelsea Clinton, former US President Bill Clinton's daughter, is finally set to marry this weekend, report says. She is to marry investment banker Marc Mezvinsky at a 50-acre estate along the Hudson River. The view of the mountains will serve as a distant backdrop.

Details of the 30 year old bride is not anymore determined, as some thought that the Clintons want to make the event private as necessary. Even guests were just hearsays like Barbara Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Ted Turner, former Clinton adviser Harold Ickes and former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe. Take note that even President Obama was not included in the list. But he was quick to say that perhaps "Hillary and Bill, properly, want to keep this thing for Chelsea and her soon-to-be husband."

Anyways, let's just all be happy for Chelsea for finally settling down. It's her business who to invite and if she wants privacy, she deserve it, it's her right, get it? Well, even if she won't read my blog, I just want to say: Congratulations, Chelsea!

Vampire Sucks

I'm a big fan of Twilight Book & Movie. Just yesterday, I saw the spoof version of the film. I know it's quite corny and over acting but I just can't help laughing to some of the scenes. I know this movie, Vampire Sucks, was done in bad taste but that's the purpose of spoof, right? Besides, there's no harm in watching a show that will make you laugh once in awhile. I'd rather watch this than watch a horrible horror show -- that, I can't take, hehe.

Enjoy and be disgusted to the trailer of Vampire Sucks ;-)

$ 10 Sign Up Bonus and More!

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Happy Earning!!

Jul 24, 2010


Another movie that I am looking forward to watch is the Angelina Jolie-starrer, Salt. If it's an action film, I'm in for it, no doubt! I'm not really a big fan of Angie and I don't hate her either. I just love some of her films especially if it's an action-thriller movie. Her personality is so strong, too, that her portrayal is very much convincing. Right now, Salt is being shown in North America and I feel this movie will fare well in theaters.

Jolie plays a fugitive in this film after she's being accused of being a KGB agent. I've learned also that initially, the movie film outfit considered to get Tom Cruise to play the lead part but totally changed the script when it was replaced by Jolie.

Well, if the story is great combined with good casting and performance, I expect this film to be another blockbuster on Jolie's film... (click picture for image source)

Natalie Portman as the Black Swan

One of the young actresses that I really admire these days is Natalie Portman. For me, she's brilliant, so, it's no question why she is being tagged today as the future Jodie Foster as her acting has substance and not just Hollywood's some pretty faces. I first saw her as the young sweeper or protege of Leon the professional. At that age, she was already noticed by the film critics and people for her fine performance. I've seen her several movies as she grew up like Starwars, where she played as Queen Amidala. She even had her hair shaved in V for Vendetta because she wanted to internalize and be believable for the role that she played. Her acting was very convincing in The Other Boleyn Girl even though I hate the outcome of that movie. Her latest film that I am looking forward to watch is the Black Swan where she portray the role of a ballerina. Knowing Portman, she love to play a role that is unique. I guess her character in here is a little bit rebellious... well, that's as far as I know. One thing is for sure, I'm gonna watch her show. (click the picture for image source)

Jul 22, 2010

Withdrawal Ease

A lot of people are into prescription drugs these days for several reasons. And most of them have a hard time of letting go with these medications for they are already dependent to these pain killers. Some, sad to say, abused in using it and when the time comes for them to let go, it's hard for them to do so, thus, they are advise to seek for professional help or for rehabilitation. But what I found online was Suboxone Withdrawal where it helps people with withdrawal syndrome recover. Their famous tag line is taking Withdrawal-Ease is the first step towards recovery. Aside from the fact that this is effective, this is also affordable and people is assured that their road to recovery is more comfortable.

If you're interested with the product, each order you will purchase includes a 30 day supply of both day and night time formulation. And if you order from their site, there will be free shipping via priority mail plus 50 page survival guide. You can also access free online to the guide with every purchase. And for more details, I suggest you visit their site to learn more about their product.

Jul 19, 2010

Movies To Watch

I have not seen a movie for quite sometime and I've thought of having a movie marathon every weekend. I have not seen the movie of my favorite Stephenie Meyer book yet, Eclipse, and I've thought of watching Inception or Sorcerer's Apprentice. Oh, I've heard and read thru the net that the latter flops in and former made it to box office. Whatever, it's my choice and opinion that counts. I've seen great movies that flops and no sense movies that made number one the box office. Perhaps, they lack promotion or there might be some reason behind it. I might start watching next week or if not, I'll just rent a DVD or check for some online sites where I can download some of the movies I missed to watch.

Up And About

Whew! It's more than a week and I have not posted any. I underwent a major a operation but now I'm fine. I just need some more rest, though, for my fast recovery. I get better everyday and the incision is almost painless. So, now, I'm back again to blogging. I have to update myself what's going on on the net, too, and fill myself in with the things I missed. I've got plenty of emails that were not yet opened and I need to reply to some of them. Even in my social networks, I've plenty of messages that I have just read. Well, I'm back to business now. Important thing is that I am now okay =)

Jul 8, 2010

Bed and Breakfast in Brighton

Every year, my hubby and I always plan to take a vacation with our kid or even with some members of our family. It is good to unwind and relax especially on my husband's part. I think it's good for him to take a break once in awhile after all the stress from work. We also see to it that our daughter don't have a class, too. Soon, there will be an added member to our family, so, I guess either late this year or next year, we will have our much needed break. If we can't go somewhere far, we might stay in a nice hotel nearby. It would have been great if we also have in here bed and breakfast Brighton, where it is relaxed and unfussy, with the trimmings of a lifestyle hotel, and just like visiting to one of our friends' home.

Oriental Brighton offers what you almost wanted. Whether you want a weekend break, a midweek holiday, or a venue for your quarterly business strategy meeting, they have the right ambiance, the know-how and a great team to make your stay a special and memorable one! If you want to make reservations and know the details of their accommodations, do visit their site now!

Jul 6, 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Another movie that I am looking forward to watch. I know November is still very far away but I am such a big fan of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books that I can't wait for this movie to be shown. Actually, the video below is the first part of book 7, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. The second part will be shown next year. I would love to watch them at once but since the story was too long and the director, producers don't want to alter or remove important part of the story, thus, the parts 1 & 2. I will not complain about that anymore because I also wanted the movie version to give justice to the book. Enjoy watching the video below ;-)