Mar 22, 2013

Account Deactivated

I tried deactivating my FB account for 1 week and just found out I can 'almost' live without it, hehe. It's really okay not to be updated with what's going on with other people. I've finished reading lots of books and did lots of chores at home and spent more quality time with my kids and I was instead busy malling with my children. Life is fun outside FB (",)

Only few people mattered to me and it's only their messages that I look forward to receive. Some of them asked me when I'll reactivate my fb because they have something to tell. Anyways, just today I finally reactivated it and so my life is kind of busy again, haha. But I'm trying to make sure not to give more time on FB coz I have more important things to do especially during weekend where I do my laundry.