Sep 20, 2012

Tick, Tock...

I've been keeping my mouth shut for some time but there are times that I really wanted to explode. I don't know who to talk to or who will listen to me and understand me completely. If I got so provoked, I couldn't help but say my piece. I just don't want other people to talk to me as if I'm so dumb and deaf. It so happen that they don't care to listen to me when I talk that they got wrong infos and all.

Worst, I hate it if people will talk things to others as if they need to be involved. Do you liked it if someone will talk to the neighbors on what's going on to your house? Worst, the information given were oh-so-wrong! I hope these people will learn to at least zip their mouth. I don't talk much and as much as possible, I want things settled in a quiet way. But darn! It didn't happen that way. And I hate it! HATE IT! Even though people knew already their mistakes, they're still the ones that got upset. As if I don't have the right and as if I need to be condemned. And since nobody's fighting for me, I fought for myself. I am so upset even though this happened weeks ago, I still am upset when I learned that this reached to other side of the house. Now, can you blame me?