Jul 28, 2009

Doctor, I'm Not Sick?

I was kinda getting paranoid last week. I wasn't feeling very well, not that I was sick but I experienced some discomfort in my body. I'm not really a hypochondriac type of person.. I believe I don't have a conversion personality disorder but knowing something was not right somehow made me a little panicky...

So, I went to see a gynecologist, a gastroenterologist and by this week I am going to have a urine and ultrasound tests. I was thinking of seeing a neurologist, too, but I don't see any significance - although I experienced migraine from time to time...

(Image source: http://blog.creativekismet.com)

Anyways, I've to do this (seeing doctors) to give me a peace of mind. The OB-gyne asked me to come back later this week and I hope the result of my pap-smear is alright (negative). Actually, it was also my fault of not having this test ever since. Married couple or those sexually-active people out there should have this test yearly. I know it's so ironic on my part that being even in the medical field, I neglected this for a stupid reason or am just being irresponsible. I plan to do this yearly starting - this year ;-)

Gastro doc asked me if I was under stressed lately - and ya-ah! I was, I am and still will be, whew! He just laughed and told me that it was unlikely for my age to contract such illness that I was kinda imagining. I got relieved after that.

Well, I'll just try to think positive and hope my other tests will have a normal result. Honestly, I'm trying my best to be calmed and tried to break through however, I break out most of the time. Perhaps I need to go on a retreat to spend time with Him. I think I need that for I feel so lost these days. Hope to be guided to the right path again.....



hi pep! hope you are feeling better now. sorry to hear you were feeling paranoid last week. take time to relax... take good care my dear friend. thanks for visiting my site too.