Jul 19, 2009

Fantasy Football

Heard about fantasy football? It is a game in which participants are arranged into a league. Each team drafts or acquires via auction a team of real-life American football players and then scores points based on those players' statistical on-the-field performances.

WaiverWire is the most comprehensive source for fantasy football rankings, projections, drafting software, news, stats and analysis to help win your fantasy league. You can check their site for a more detailed description and rule of the game. Enjoy their opportunities by signing up an account for the In-Season Pass for only $9.99. Your registration is good for the entire 2009 and here's what you will also get:

• Real time football player alters via Email, Text and to their Waiver Wire profile page
• Player Injury Alerts
• Player News and Updates
• Expert fantasy football analysis for every alert telling them the impact on a fantasy team/league, potential replacements, etc.
• All filtered to a specific “player focus list” that the user creates so they aren’t overloaded with news they don’t need
• Alerts and fantasy football analysis is provided by both RotoWire and TSN Fantasy Player News
• They also have over 100 feeds from local beat writers if you want team specific news on your personalized profile page.

PLUS . . . .

Strength of Schedule Rankings
Points Allowed by Position
Player Projections
Player Comparisons
Access to Waiver Wire’s Fantasy Social Network
Cheat sheets
Red zone stats
Depth charts
Community forum
Guru challenge game
And more . . .

If you're a passionate football player, visit Waiverwire.com now, grab the offer and enjoy the fun!



whoa! unique sport... =)

Thanks for the visits Pepper. I truly appreciate it when you drop by my blogspot aka diary.

How's life goin'? =)


my husband is a big fun of fantasy football. He loves and enjoys it, I think he knows how to pick his players because he always wins. Nice post Pepper. Ive been wanting to post something like this but they wont give me a chance, haha! thats okey.