Jul 26, 2009

Life is a Journey

Today's my dad's birthday. He would've turned 61 had he lived long enough. But he died early - at age 51. Terrible illness caught him, it was the Big C and he was the 1st in his family to have it. Sometimes, I thought about how short his life was. Such a waste for dying so young and even not see the fruits of his labor. You see, he was a workaholic and when he had that disease, it was then that he decided to retire. He wasn't able to enjoy his retirement, he wasn't able to see me and my siblings walked down the aisle and he did not even see his grandchildren.

But of course, we cannot predict the future. No matter how careful we would be, we don't know exactly what will happen to us. Best thing we need to do is Pray.

Anyway, going back to my dad, I miss him terribly. Although I have accepted his death wholeheartedly, I can't help but think at times how our life would be right now if he were alive. Many times, I've dreamed about him and he was even in good condition. It made me smile even when I woke up.

Despite the ordeal that my family went thru at that time of his illness, I was just too glad that God made each and everyone of us strong. Our faith was tested but my family remained strong. I asked the Lord that when He would take my dad away, be sure that I would be around to take care of him up to his last breath.. and that really happened. I even appreciated the beauty of death at that time. Maybe because I was prepared. It would be painful to see your loved one died but it was more painful to see him suffering and experiencing excruciating pain. But when his time was up, I thanked the Lord for everything, for allowing me and my family to serve my dad while he was still alive and for letting me understand about life. I've realized that life was like a journey. And that we have to make the most out of it but we must also try to live according to His will.

This afternoon we went to visit my dad at the cemetery despite the heavy rain. My mom, my brothers, our spouses & our kids were there. We may not be able to see and feel him but I'd like to think he's happy to see us. Well Dad, Happy - supposedly your - 61st Birthday. I could never forget the word you said before you left - "Always remember that you're here in my heart". And you are, too, forever in our hearts...



hi pepper.. read this post. i can feel your love for ur dad here and how much you miss him 2. hugs dear friend!


Yah Tal, miss him a lot. Thanks for dropping by...