Jul 1, 2009

Take A Nap

Aaahhh (*stretch*), I just woke up from my short nap - rejuvenated. I badly needed this as I've been sleeping late at night these past few days. I used not to sleep in the afternoon because I get woozy afterward but now, I'm far too different from my old self.

I usually asked (reprimand, perhaps?) my daughter to sleep in the afternoon so that she will feel recharged and not exhibit temper tantrum. I sometimes join her and now, it seems that I won't last a day without having my short nap. A good 10-15 minute break is all I need and my zest for the day will last until the wee hour in the morning, hehehe...

(pic from yahoo images)



power naps are indeed powerful! thanks for the visit pep!! mwah!


Thanks for sharing :)


Nice post...I think I also need a nap today. Have a nice day friend.


Hi Pepper, I used to take a nap with my boys but I am trying to avoid doing it anymore since I will be working soon, I dont want to feel tired and sleepy while working, that would be BAD haha! I just go to bed a little bit early now. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!