Sep 25, 2009

It Comes in Threes

They say that when you're feeling happy or feeling down, it comes in threes. Unfortunately, I'm experiencing the latter. Don't I deserve a little happiness here? Okay, I'm waiting for the other worst things to happen so, c'mmon, I'm waiting!

We are having some problems that we are trying to solve. Actually, we can solve it by ourselves but we need to sacrifice many things. But that's okay, as long as the decision was mutually done and I was included. However, some people were trying to butt in and I was only consulted when everything was finalized. Okay, I don't think consulted was the right word, maybe informed(?!).

I appreciated that some of these people were trying to help, but most of the time, almost all of their decisions were being followed. What am I? A post? A wall? That was why I felt like we were spineless, like we have no backbone. These people may be happy but I'm not! It's frustrating. Why am I such a loser? I really felt helpless and as if I was at their mercy most of the time. I'm so pissed off I can't even think of anything sensible thing today. Oh, I'm blogging which is good, I guess, but still I'm whining and ranting my misfortunes over here! Can anybody at least break this chain? I've had enough jinx in my life!



Pepperoo!!! Huuuugs to you dearest friend... I hope you get past that soon... the only way I got out of my bad year last year was through it and unceasing prayers. Hugs to you dearest friend. Things will turn up before you know it... Mwah. God bless you always