Sep 25, 2009

Long Lost Friend

Last week, I was elated to find my long lost friend thru Facebook. I was actually been searching for her in the past few months, but to no avail. So imagine my excitement as I opened my FB account after I received an email that she invited me to be her friend. She was my best friend in grade school. Actually, it was kinda odd that we became best buddies. She was quite maldita while I was naive. Almost everyone in our class was intimidated by her presence but I got no choice because our teacher had assigned me to a seat beside hers. One time, she told me that if two friends bickered but made peace after, it means to say that they really were best of friends. I didn't get it right away because in the first place, I didn't really consider her to be my best bud :D...

One day, she stopped talking to me. I didn't even know what was going on and what was wrong with her. It lasted for a week. After that, she gave me an apple mango and told me that from then on, we were best of friends, hehe.. So childish (but we were) and so I had my first best friend.

Later, however, I transferred to another school in another city and we kept in touch through writing letters. Sometimes, we tried contacting each other using our dads' antenna/aerial radios (walkie-talkies were very popular at that time). A few years later, I returned and was very eager to see her again. But my mom enrolled me to another school. It didn't matter though coz we lived in the same city again. At one time, she visited me at my house and I was so surprised to see how tall she had become. It was quite intimidating, you know, hehe. It gave me a stiff-neck (guess she was about 5'8 compared to my 5'4 frame). Anyway, it was quite odd. I had returned but we didn't get to see each other often.

After I graduated from high school, I enrolled in one of the Universities and we crossed paths again. Although we took different courses, we always took the time to talk and ask how we've been. Gosh, she was getting taller- my neck hurt! - I told her that actually and she just laughed. She was also very, very pretty-- stunning, actually. Standing next to her, I was plain and ordinary, ugh!

Our last conversation was when she told me she was going to continue her studies and would probably live down south for good. After that, I never heard from her.

But thanks to FB, we found each other after many years. At least now I know that she got married already, has a pretty daughter and is on the family way. I guess Social Networks really offer a lot of advantages. It may be discouraging for some but in my case, I am amazed. It's such an easy way to get reconnected with long lost friends :)