Sep 29, 2009

Lucy Vodden

Who is Lucy Vodden? She was the woman referred in one of the Beatles' songs Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. This song was so popular before but it gained controversy, and I guess it was also banned, because of the supposed reference to the drug, LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide). The Beatles denied this allegation and John Lennon explained to the media that his son, the young Julian Lennon, showed him a drawing of Lucy in the sky with diamonds and Lucy and was actually Julian's classmate. The group decided to use it as a title to their new song.

Anyway, Lucy Vodden suffered from the immune disease lupus and died last September 22, 2009. She was 46 years old. She may have died but she will always be remembered as the girl who inspired the one time favorite and popular Beatles song.

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this is soooo nice... thanks for the info pepper... :))


you're welcome, isabel. tnx for leaving a comment.


oh my, i didn't know Lucy died already... I read in the gossip pages that Julian Lennon helped her during her hospitalization. wow... how fleeting life is.. and yes she will be remembered. i can still see the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds MV in my mind (so trippy!) hehehehe