Sep 24, 2009

The Kite Runner

I'm not a TV addict and that's why we don't need cable. But sometimes, I get the urge to watch something on the TV and hope there's a good and sensible show as I'm so critical of the actors' acting, including the extras.

We were in a hotel one time and I was browsing the cable channel for a good show. I switched to MTV, V-Channel, AXN, Discovery channel but I got so bored so I checked on HBO. I didn't understand the language, it was a foreign film but there was a translation. I wondered which country was featured. I then concluded that it must be in Turkey after the little boy called his father 'baba'. But then I thought maybe the middle eastern people all call their fathers Baba. I tried switching to other channels but I kept going back to HBO. I was curious about the life story of these 2 little boys, Amir and Hassan, who used to be best of friends and who loved to fly kites when they were small, but suddenly their friendship faltered because of one incident. Later in that show, Amir and his father escaped their country because it was invaded by Russians, and they ended up living in the U.S. of A. Good, they finally speak English. My husband joined me later and wondered why I was watching such a show. Then, he told me the story was familiar. He remembered having read the book, until he got it: The Kite Runner authored by Khaled Hosseini.

I won't go into details about the plot of the story but it was very touching. It gave me a glimpse of the life of our muslim brethren, how they suffered such humiliation by their own race (courtesy of the Talibans) and it made me understand their culture, too.

I was moved by the story especially of the father's love for his son. And the grown up Amir trying to resolve the betrayal he had made to his best friend. It has a good ending, the kind of drama that I really appreciated watching.

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