Sep 17, 2009

Only You My Friend

I've been searching for a lyric of this song. This used to be one of my favorite songs during my teenybopper days. I thought it was Jamie Rivera who sang this song but found out it was a certain Maria Muriel. Big thanks to the one who uploaded this on Youtube (link: click HERE). I've tried writing down the lyrics and hope I did it right.

Only you my friend can make my life feel so complete
It seems like a song, a symphony, a melody so sweet
Of all the people around, you’re the dearest one I found
You will always be special for me

Only you my friend can make my day feel bright and clear
Every moment’s filled with happiness as long as you’re near
When I happen to fall, you are there each time I call
You’re the most important one of all.


Nothing else is greater than the friendship that we have
You mean everything to me
I can never pretend, that I’ll love you till the end
But I’ll remember you, my whole life through.
(I’ll remember you, I’ll remember you
I’ll remember you my whole life thru)

It makes such a difference when it’s you who gives his smile
You would make me feel much better in just awhile
And when you got up I shall look behind
And memories of my mind
I will never find anyone like you (Chorus)