Mar 4, 2010

A Journey To Fatherhood

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Raising a Father. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you read Arjun Sen's book Raising a Father? If you haven't, I recommend that you should. It is a story about how a father learned a lot from his daughter. For many years, he was busy in his corporate world until one day, he realized he doesn't know his daughter at all. He gave up his job and spent time raising his daughter. My husband also shared his views about fatherhood. Most of the time, I am the one taking care and spending most of the time with our daughter. I can't blame him because he needs to work to provide our daily needs. But there were really times that he was guilty for not giving quality time with our child. There were some activities that he missed because of his work. He just tried to make it up on weekends or whenever he is available.

But one time, when he was at home because he was on leave, he shared to me that he was also learning from our daughter. I also agreed with him because children not only learn from their parents, parent also learned from their children. That's why, it's also necessary for us to listen to our kids, too. Communicating with them is a two-way interaction, not only one way. We have to open not only our eyes but our minds as well. And just like Raka, Sen's daughter from this book, I believe that my daughter's charm, patience, love, and caring nature taught her father how to be a better dad and person. Check out Raising A Father video shown below and learn something out from it!

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