Mar 4, 2010

For Our Eyes Only

I used to wear eyeglasses before because of my 75/50 vision with astigmatism. I was near-sighted, too. Later, my vision improved and I stopped using glasses because I also felt old and uncool. However, just recently, I experience throbbing headache and I cannot concentrate reading books for a long time. I even refrain from using the computer for a long time because it gets blurry, too. Then, I decided to see an optometrist and told me that I still have astigmatism and recommend that I really need to wear eyeglasses again.

Now, as I was browsing the net, I saw a great selection of eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. Their prescription eyeglasses costs only $8.00, bi-focal eyeglasses costs $25.00, progressive eyeglasses about $34.00 and premium photochromic lenses (clear indoors, darkens in bright light) costs $27.00. You can have it upgraded, too!

And if you order with them, shipping & handling is only $4.95 regardless of quantity. And with every order, you also get to receive high quality stylish frame, thin and light 1.57 index lens, anti-scratch coating, full UV protection, lens edge polishing and beveling, quality hard eyeglass case, and microfiber lens cleaning cloth. There are lots of great frames to choose, too! So, why don't we try it?!!