Mar 14, 2010

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

My daughter loves to watch adventure or magical movies. In fact, she's a great fan of Harry Potter films. She also likes Twilight although some of the scenes frightened her, she just covered her eyes (or ears) with both her hands. Lately, she enjoyed watching Alice in Wonderland that she wanted us to go to the cinema and watch the movie over and over again. Then, she saw a trailer of Percy Jackson & the Lighting Thief and she was too eager to watch it right away. Well, we have our own copy so we don't need to go to the cinema anymore ;-)

Last Friday, my husband, daughter and I had our family movie night. However, when Medusa's face appeared, she went at the back of the couch to hide. She said she's scared of the snakes in Medusa's head. But even when she was hiding, she stole glances and tried to look what happen to Medusa out of curiosity. The following night, I was surprised to hear from her that she wanted to watch Percy Jackson again. It made me even surprise when she watched it all by herself while I was busy attending house chores and my husband's busy with his own business. She later told me that she was not that scared anymore because she was trying to be brave... uhuh? Anyway, for those of you who didn't watch Percy Jackson movie yet, here's the trailer for you to enjoy: