Mar 4, 2010

Free Sample For Sale?!!

I was quite busy browsing the net, making entries for my blog, reviewing my daughter for her exam tomorrow when suddenly, somebody was knocking outside. I don't usually entertain but the stranger's voice was so loud and it was kinda irritating so I asked him what he wanted. He was bringing a sample of tide bar/powder detergent soap. He apologized for the disturbance and told me he wanted to give me a sample of their promo. I was about to get it when he told me that I need to pay before I could get their sample... DUH! As in DUUUUHHHH??!!! I told him, "is this a joke?". But he instead told me that theirs is cheaper while I'll have to pay more when I'm going to buy it at the store. I was not really that stupid. Tide may be good but there are also other soap that meets my standard with a much cheaper price, too. I returned their sample and told the man not to bother me with his so-called promo anymore...