Mar 4, 2010

Yummy Hot Fudge

The heat of the sun is killing me. Yesterday, I was totally knocked-out because I had a head cold and my skin was slightly flushed and it hurts a lot every time I tried to swallow. Good thing that my husband took a leave of absence to take care of my daughter (who must go to school because it's their exam week) and me. I am not that type of person who relied on taking medicines, which is kind of ironic because my profession is in line with medical field, so I just had my water therapy. I asked my husband to massage my back and my joints, too, by using some liniment. I woke up this morning feeling glad that I felt better and I was back on my usual routine.

But the weather is still hot and after I fetched my daughter from her school, I was craving to drink a very cold soda and my daughter asked for a Sundae ice-cream at Mcdonald's. Wow, what a great way to obey our cravings so off we went. I ordered two hot fudge because it was really yummy. We had our lunch there and went home fully satisfied with my body feeling cool afterwards :p