Feb 28, 2010

Teacher Mommy

My preschool daughter's final exam will start on Monday. I'm not that kind of mom who pushes my child to study hard everyday. I only focused on her weak strength and when she's able to get it, I let her relax, enjoy doing her stuff (which is playing) or let her be.

But today, I was thinking that maybe I was too lazy and too lax for her. She might have a poor performance on their final evaluation and I should blame that to her lazy mom :p. So, I decided to review her first all about animals and its classification. I wrote the exam on a piece of paper, have her fill in the blanks and I guess I wrote plenty of items for her to answer. But my daughter called my attention. She said I have not included other animals and she wanted me to give her more exams...and so I did (30 items for 3 papers). Now, I've realized that I gave her too much exams. I guess it would be draining for her for I saw a very tired look on her face already. I must be overdoing it and I hope I have not caused too much agony for her. I will surely let her play and relax for the rest of the remaining day...