Feb 14, 2010

We Are The World

I can't help but compare these two videos. Both were done in good taste and with lots of talented artists. However, in my own opinion, Nothing Beats the Original. It was simple but was able to capture and touched the hearts of many people. The new version is good, too, especially that my favorite Celine Dion was included and sang Cyndi Lauper's part. I was also amazed to see the late Michael Jackson in the new version. Although it was obvious that they used the old clip, it was as if MJ was really there! But I don't like in the new video is the rap version. It was way too long and they made it sound like a hip-hop song/dance. But it was a great effort to all the artists involved for giving their time and dedicated this song not only to the Haiti victims but to all victims of calamaties as well. Enjoy watching the videos below:

We Are The World - USA For AFRICA

We Are The World 25 For HAITI