Feb 17, 2010

Green Eyed Monster

If there are things I don't like in this world, it's those people who are liars and plastic. I've been observing some friends of mine, in fact, some of these friends I considered my closest. But what the heck, maybe it's just me who's trying to get close to that person but that person doesn't like me at all!!! Actually, this person did so many things before that it's getting on my nerves now. Sometimes, I want to play sweet revenge on this person - but I can only do it in my mind. This person lied a lot of times to me but still I was there. Then, this person even gave me lots of excuses when we have the chance to talk. This afternoon, I tried to send a message via YM, said my hello because that person is online, instead, that person logged out. Trying to avoid me or pissed off with me? Why, what have I ever done?!!! And why did I never believe in my instinct? I've already got a hunch that this person would evade me especially that I've just had a great life lately. And how many times will I ever realize that this person is not worthy to be called my close friend? Such a green-eyed monster...



hi peps! dropping by when i saw this post. uh-oh... wish i could say it's ok, but then again, when we get pissed off, we really get pissed off. so sorry to hear bout this. i know how tiring these people can be... but just remember your true friends will always be there for you. those who don't really matter, gosh, let them be... take care and happy weekend!! mwah