Feb 14, 2010

Valentine's Day on Chinese New Year

While I was about to write an entry on this blog, I've heard fireworks that lasted for several minutes outside our house. Oh yeah, not only are we going to celebrate Valentine's on February 14 but it's also Chinese New Year. What a nice way to celebrate two occasions at one time.

My husband and I still don't know whether to celebrate or not. In previous years, we've had a hard time celebrating as it was hard to find a seat in a restaurant, heck, even in fast foods. The following years, we either celebrate it ahead of time or the day after. But since we did not dine or celebrate yesterday, and the day after Valentine's is Monday, there's a possibility that we will indeed celebrate Valentine's on its very day. Otherwise, we'll just take out food and eat it at home, hehehe...
However, I am also curious on how people will celebrate Valentines and Chinese New Year at the same time. I'll just find it out later ;)